Time for this waste of taxpayer dollars to end, Trump has done nothing wrong!!!!

Every time Shifty Schiff opens his "pencil neck" mouth it's another F'n lie and the Pinocchio nose grows a little longer.

Stay in the White House President Trump and take care of our country and let your legal team take care of the Demorats.

And "Shifty Schiff" is not a "reputable Demorat", he like to lie like "Pinnochio".

The Demorat Congress needs to start doing the work for the country that they were supposedly elected to do and not keep trying to impeach our President.

Time to nail this "pencil neck" corrupt Demorat already.

Tell Sciff to "stick it up his ass" for he didn't provide the President equal opportunity in the House "Kangaroo Courts".

If you are a "Demorat Whistleblower" you are safe from FBI raids, if you are a Republican, independent or conservative betterb watch your back for a "raid" is more than likely imminent.

Angelika Griffin Yep, the COMMIES come and RAID you home, which is ILLEGAL anyway... 4 days ago
Mark Yelton I am confused, just who has been in charge of the FBI for the past several years, I mean really in charge by hiring and firing at will. 3 days ago

MS. Bro spoke some very good reasons for VA officials to think twice on their gun control laws, for they will cause a lot of dissention amongst the citizens of VA.

How about investigating Crooked Maxine's dealings along with her husband. She's another prime example for TERM LIMITS.

The "ball" is in our court and no longer in theirs. The Art of the Deal works one more time to our benefit, Kudos President Trump.