If they hate us so much they can just leave! I'm sure we can collect plenty of donations to get them packed and out by tomorrow! If they love Shatia law so much let them have it. Omar wouldn't last an hour back in Somalia! Good riddance!

The "News media" is just an arm of the leftist liberal democrat party. We need to deal with the true source of the panic -- the democrats! They swore to get Trump out of office by "any and all way" as needed. Stop the democrats -- stop the coronavirus panic, stop the recession they are also encouraging to bring Trump down!

Mafia behaviour from the Democrat party must be stopped! If anything were to happen to any Supreme Court Justice, Schumer needs to be charged as an accomplice!

Schumer's threats and incitement of violence is totally inexcusable for anyone, let alone the House Majority Head! He needs to be removed immediately. Who do the Democrats think they are to threaten Supreme Court Justices to vote "his way or no way?"! He needs more than censoring! And, by the way, abortion is NOT women's health care, it's **r*e*!!

When interviewing people for a position in the lab, it was truly astounding how much padding was regularly put into their resumes! When hiring, we would establish a probationary period during which time we could learn what they really knew, and how well they could carry out their required duties. I bet AOC's resume would make a great pillow to sleep on, nothing more.

Miles to Code With her resume, I suspect you'd find a concrete slab more comfortable. 1 month ago

Why is our border not closed to all but US citizens? Fewer to scan/process!

I think this is great news! The only problem is that those of us living within these areas, but abhor sanctuary status, will also suffer. The Democrats controlling our state (WA) don't care that we oppose them. I think the next thing to do would be to arrest and jail city and state leaders that are responsible for this whole mess; they should be held responsible for breaking federal immigration laws, as well as facing Accessories for the crimes these illegal aliens perpetrate!

Before they know it, there won't be any wealthy people to tax. Of course the socialist leaders will be excused from this tax! None of us are safe from this plan. Enter another Venezuela! We have to stop this whole socialist/communist movement here in the US! I think we can stop them, but we don't have much time at all. If we don't succeed, I'm afraid we'll be facing a violent civil war, part two.

From a tiny mus*a** seed grows a tree! Sounds like Schiff is at it a**in. Time to pull the plug and drain that huge swamp!

Why, in the world, is this State Dept employee STILL a State Dept emlpoyee?!?!
This was directly disobeying what POTUS ordered! These people (Deep State holdovers/plants) need to be removed from service. They are a clear and present danger to our entire country!

How in the world are this mayor and police chief still walking around free? It's time the leaders of "sanctuary" cities, counties and states to be imprisoned for violation of federal laws, aiding and assisting criminals evade federal agents! Either they need to be imprisoned, or their "sanctuary" territories should be totally quarantined with all federal funding cut off. If they think they can thumb their noses at our laws, they can do so without any of our federal tax money. There are consequences for illegal behavior, it's time for them to meet reality!

I was raised just outside NYC, and visited often. I saw what Bloomberg did there, and don't want him to do the same to our country! Besides, money should in no way buy anybody the presidency! I know what many people say behind Bloomsbergs back, but was taught not to use that kind of language!

I thought Wray WAS one of the "good" people when he was made director. I honestly think the ENTIRE FBI should be closed down, and then ONLY build it back up using lower level agents that have proven their worth AND their allegiance to our country and President. ALL supervisory positions should be declared "vacant" until filled by trustworthy people. We also need to DO AWAY with the idiotic idea that government officials have immunity from being fired, and when fired for reason, should lose all benefits and retirement!

Deplorable Lanie I agree with you 100%! I too thought Wray might do a good job. BUT when he did not fire anyone when he first got there, I couldn't  believe it. He must go, and I like your plan for rebuilding the whole thing! 2 months ago
Nick I am afraid, you are right, Jeffrey! 2 months ago

All flights from China should be turned around, not allowed to land!

Hey everybody! Don't you know they are just practicing to make sure their scam really works by November?! Practice, practice, practice! Oh what a tangled web they weave when first they practiced to deceive!