Millions of Cellular Phones have gone dead in China? How many people have really died behind China's IRON CURTAIN. Stalin hid the deaths of 66 Million behind His IRON CURTAIN.

Will this spark the Communists to perform another MASS **rd** as They did slaughtering 10,000 students in Tienenman Square?

Sanctuary Cites in America are reaping the harvest of Their stupidity. Un do**mented diseased are welcomed and treated better than real citizens.

Failure to learn from history's mistakes always leads to repeating history's mistakes. General George Patton knew the menace of Communist control of the world after WWII ended and wanted to stomp Russia. The General's life was cut short and the United Nations became the weapon of the Communists--thus since WWII America has lost one conflict after another--WAKE THE "F" UP!

Put simply this monster is a Bee with an itch.

Like SUN LIGHT to a vampire, truth is the enemy of both Communists (like China and Their Virus) and democrat liars that depend on the MEDIA to hide Their faults. Sad We Citizens no longer have a FREE PRESS---just Propaganda pushers like CNN--Clinton (Communist) News Network.The truth can set Them free, if They will begin to deal in it.

Can anyone ever take CNN (dealer of fake news) seriously? That is why the 1st name for CNN was the Clinton News Network.

Nancy come to her office with "dirty hands". Nancy attended a special meeting of the Senate about this crisis and became an INSIDER TRADER when She sold Millions of Dollars of her STOCKS---what a pig this multi-millionaire is and loading the bill with PORK is Her current crime.

Leave it to the old hag nancy to tie "pork" to this bill , like federally funded abortions. Wow , as with Hillary, a witch.

When dealing with Hillary You should be aware that She is a witch. She has been a member of a Coven in California since way back.

greenery Q No wonder, she is abnormal, like she is NOT human. 1 week ago

A military Tribunal for Hillary and her GANG with Public Hangings .

Hopfully this "sick" little lady (?) does not vote. The mouth is the dirtiest orifice in the human body;but, licking ass can subject You to a virus , via fecal transmission.

The evil Cabal looked to this day to remove all rights from the only really free Nation in the World --the N.W.O.'s plan for total

Pray for the ignorant that They may have the scales peeled away from their eyes and see what a blessing Our President really is---not just another (both parties) New World order lackey--That is why They HATE Him. They do not own His soul.