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susan great piece. I have learned quite a bit from your story about the girls. I'm sure we are grateful for your sharing this story. Also, I quess a leapord never changes his or her spots- did you expect them too? later PR

why isn't Tulsi Gabbard considered for a vice president nomination.

its a tool political gangsters use- fear mongering and hate- the themantic emptiness facing the democratic leadership. a flare before death. its inevitable.

holder is worried and is playing to the gullible voter- Trump has a great medical and research team assembled- this was done while pelosi and the three stooges were playing inpeachment

Eric holder is in fear of something- to say trump cannot handle, or manage this crisis is wrong. Trump has the best team of physicians and scientists world wide to tap into- He has teams of experts world wide- Israel is now, we hear at the forefront of a serum that could be tried and true within 6 weeks. Holder is playing to the niave voter the uninformed voter that's the plan of attack- politics as usual. Still he, holder fears trump- something big is just around the corner and its more than a pandemic.

wrong- its a total scam- the more the republicans play patty cake with this congress the worse it will get- its a show to buy time time and find some other false charge- neither charge that the dems in congress have charged trump with is impeachable!! It should be dead on arrival. Clinton had 14 felonies that why he had a trial in the senate- Nixon broke laws and the supreme court had him dead to rights so he cashed out. No crime here - thats why congress won't go to the supreme court - have nothing it would be overturned nothing there-

they know that-its a show- they will get creamed in 2020

Paul Rizzo its been a real sad show for the citizens of our great republic- these people get real jobs and leave us alone enough is enough!!!!!!!!!!!! 6 months ago


Jimmy Please Mr. Trump have some guts and do just that! 6 months ago
Paul Rizzo has just earned 5 point 11 months ago

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