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About Me : I'm not part of the 1% by any stretch of the imagination but fuck the 99% protesting...
State : Bay Area City/Town : Bay Area About Me : I'm not part of the 1% by any stretch of the...

Can't the childish leftists just take their ball and go home already without all the theatrics and phone calls? Nobody cares what they think or feel!

Simple translation: Poor George hasn't had his name in the news for a while and felt lonely. Therefore he bloviated.

Next they'll all be whining because Tulsi was the only one to even comment. lol

Kamala is *obviously* a time traveller. How else could she have gotten stoned in College listening to Tupac when she was out of college for 10 years before Tupac?

Macron and his wife are the "Harold and Maude" of France.

Well they'd probably be much more successful by scanning for sagging pants...

Sweetie, you actually have to win first but please, PLEASE keep up with the demented horseshit! LOL

So Trump is just supposed to take all the shit thrown at him and not say anything? **s* off!

I'm sorry but **r*w the LGBTQ jackasses. Hallmark and LifeTime are free to broadcast movies that will get people to watch the adverti**m*nts that make them money.

I didn't ever watch BET or Spanish language stations as I wasn't interested in their programming so why can't the LGBTQ idiots do the same?

Isn't she more p***ed that he's possibly using polysyllable words and that confuses her?

Well the author has 339 days to compost another book. However, the attention span of most people these days seems to be around 2-3 days max. Good luck who ever you are. LOL

For Kamala to follow through on this guano, she has to be elected president first. There's a better chance of Hillary being quiet for the next 4 years!

No, Adam, what has pushed this nonsense is nothing more than the fact that Trump beat Hillary in 2016 and you're all scared shitless he'll win in 2020 unless you effectively sabotage his campaign because you have NO candidate that can win. Not the greatest strategy pal.

Yes, let's have a fare free NYC! Then NYC won't have to pay ANYBODY who is employed there now. That should save the city a ton of money!

So then, presumably, Schitt was fine with the US trying to sc*** with the Israeli election?

Jimmy Of course, it was Odumass and Schitt won't go after another Dem. 2 weeks ago