Of course Kelly wouldn't say anything like that to the "press" as they are up each other's asses. But he would say the most disgusting things about law-abiding gun owners. Don't vote communist vote McSally.

Now who would guess that an ardent communist would be behind such a nefarious thing????

Hmmm, Gulags weren't as bad as people say?? I think Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn had a thing or two to say about Gulags in his book: The Gulag Archipelago. What a viper's nest of communists the democommunist party has become.

Masih, it s because Omar is a Islamic terrorist. She hates the United States and its Constitution. She is not in congress to work for the American people, she's there to work for Islamic Jihad and sharia law.

Gawd communists are ugly people. Piglosi could break mirrors.

When the ACLU sued to close the mental hospitals (because they weren't nice enough) they also sued to prevent anyone from being institutionalized a**inst their will.

Sure, a communist, who has lost his law license. A very typical democommunist nomination.

Apparently only communists and white supremacists know the hand gesture. I never heard of such a stupid thing before. However, it is another example of how mentally ill leftism is.

I think what Pres Trump is afraid of is mentally ill nutcase latinos from New Yonk.

Shove it up your ass Northam, the Ntl Guard is full of patriots, they'd probably string you up.

Ah Ha,, so Merry Christmas is a Republican thing....just like the 4th of July is a Republican thing...and Thanksgiving is a Republican thing. The democommunists couldn't be more transparent!!!