That's not hard, Nixon was a choir boy compared to Bill Klinton and Hussein Ovomit. Nixon was the complete opposite of Bill Klinton and Hussein Ovomit. Nixon was pro-America, anti-communist and a good statesman.

White supremacists and white or black nationalists are totally different things. Nationalism is patriotism.

Biden is a pathological liar. Check out his story about how his first wife and child died. He's been telling that lie for decades and defaming an innocent man at the same time,

Do you suppose these people eat this bs up? What percentage of millennials know the democommunist party owns the KKK, and Jim Crow, and voted ag**nst and filibustered the 1964 Civil Rights Act, the 1965 Voting Rights Act and the 1968 Fair Housing Act?

As long as there is a democommunist party there will be a civil war at some point.

I wrote my Senators long ago and lobbied them that the FBI needs to be dissolved. It is hopelessly compromised, thanks to Hussein Ovomit. The Founders would not have countenanced a federal police force in the first place. They were especially wary of centralized government. That's why they vested the major power in the states or the people. They gave very little power to the federal government. It's clear to see the federal government has far outstripped it's constitutional authority!!

What the gawd damn hell, are we now run by a judicial oligarchy????? President Trump doesn't need the Court's blessings except on constitutional issues. Non-citizens do not fall under our Constitution.

Of course Kelly wouldn't say anything like that to the "press" as they are up each other's asses. But he would say the most disgusting things about law-abiding gun owners. Don't vote communist vote McSally.

Now who would guess that an ardent communist would be behind such a nefarious thing????

Hmmm, Gulags weren't as bad as people say?? I think Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn had a thing or two to say about Gulags in his book: The Gulag Archipelago. What a viper's nest of communists the democommunist party has become.

Masih, it s because Omar is a Islamic terrorist. She hates the United States and its Constitution. She is not in congress to work for the American people, she's there to work for Islamic Jihad and sharia law.

Gawd communists are ugly people. Piglosi could break mirrors.