Got to get one more on the Court. Ruth the light is calling you.

Kappernick is a ***k. I wonder if they are censoring him??? NOT!

So? They just gave the prize to people who promoted the fake Russian story a**inst Trump If they are so good withdraw the prize for fraud otherwise the prize is a piece of trash.

Maybe conservatives vote the old fashioned way they go to vote to make sure their vote isn't tampered with. Who is going to verify all these votes if they are real and valid that's the real question. In person you know what you get. Republicans that send in their mail in ballots also run the risk of their vote getting thrown away. In person voting is the way to go, no fraud.

Joe doesn't remember what he said last week. C'ome on man it's Uncle Joe.

I don't think so, if they aren't **u*s what the hell would you call them, choir boys? Stop twisting Trump's comments around he merely commented that when the looting starts people start shooting each other, whether it's over stolen goods or a gang war Trump did nothing to encourage it. it' a fact it happens but Democrats really don't want a good rioting and looting to go to waste without attacking Trump do they?

Daniel Vermeychuk The death is an invitation to act out. yesterday

So what is going on it's Friday.

Democrats are happy they have a full fledged riot to campaign on and show blacks how much they care. NOT They just want the immediate vote then it's same old same old.