The Brown Shirts at ABC must stamp out this truth telling at all cost!

I like Wild Willie's idea of docking them a half day pay. That sounds like a good punishment for their childish behavior.

Makes sense! I imagine they transport quite a few illegals as well as the downtrodden, low lifes & your assorted & varied hit men. They sure don't want to lose revenue when the illegals quit using the service for fear that ICE is going to be waiting at the stations across the country.

This result shows the derangement level of the Democrat voter.

It seems that the Democrat branch of the Mafia, the Obama/Clinton wing, has managed to kill off another patriot.

The Obama branch of the Clinton Mafia strikes ag**n.

Sure! Mini Mike doesn't want to many of the general populace to be making money on their portfolios. They might not need him & his Socialistic crap after all.

Way to go, mini Mike. I wonder which group you will insult with your idiocy next.

Of course it's a "pattern" of Leftist fascists attacking GOP voters! Just like when a pack of rabid mongrels attacks, you need to start picking them off at least until they turn tail & run.

You've been nothing but stupid for so long that I can't remember when you weren't stupid.

Twelve & probably most are as nuts as she is.

Ain't that the truth> Hillary, the Evil, is like hiring an assassin to play second fiddle to you.