This poor sad little demented man needs to be relieved of his current responsibilities & allowed to return to his home to live out his last bit of sanity in peace & quiet.

This was back in April & it's a shame it happened but let me ask a question. Since then, how many videos have any of us seen of groups of Blacks beating, mistreating &/or killing whites? I haven't seen any, not because it doesn't happen as assaults by blacks on whites is six to eight fold more than the reverse. It's just that it does not fit the narrative of MSM, BLM, Antifa, Democrats, Leftists, Marxists, Anarchists & all the other s*u* balls who want to overthrow our way of life.

That this piece of dirt got around three million in campaign contributions is insane. Who must these foolish contributors be?

Daniel Vermeychuk I don't know why this woman keeps on getting a free pass. She should be prosecuted for her crimes. yesterday

Someone eating some mighty powerful curry based food?

And to think we allowed this piece of dirt into our country in the first place.

Do as we say, not as we do, right, you pack of crooked sc** sucking Democrats!

When the black shirts start burning the books like the brown shirts did in 1930s Germany, maybe, just maybe, we will have had enough & start clearing out the s*u* from our land.

The rampant, runaway political correctness that we currently see is going to be the death of our country.

Nothing written anywhere says you are required to take a beating from multiple attackers.

A few handguns in the hands of the prayers would put a stop to this crap.

The Post & the NY Times seems to be vying for most insane daily publication in the land. But, watch out, 'cause here comes the LA Times pulling up from behind! IDIOTS ALL!

As long as he takes more votes from Biden than Trump, I'm all for it. Perot gave Clinton two terms by taking away votes from the Republican candidate. Clinton never hit 50% of the vote in either race but still "won". Maybe this will be turnabout.
Save America. Vote Trump 2020.

More of the same anti American Socialist Obama inspired crap if we are foolish enough to elect moronic Joe & his ***m*e mouthpieces to power.

BwaHa There will never be a "me" in that "we"... I will never vote for a liberal.KAG2020!  TRUMP2020! 2 days ago