Wouldn't it be great if the whole Democrat party just simply imploded within itself due to the sheer weight of this entire crappy endeavor! Priceless!

From the enclosed photo, she is looking more & more Evil all the time.

Well, I know we ought to be terrified about that! After all, they did such a grand job of it in the House. :-)

My God! They dug up the "ragin' Cajun"! That is really scrapping around the bottom of the slime barrel.

A projectile between the eyes or up the arse for this guy would be a very good way to re-educate him.

What you are is a piece of crap but the question remains, will you voluntarily testify or are you way too chicken, pencil neck?

Instead, let's hope some patriot gets the chance to "remove" crazy old Nancy.

We need to bomb the whole bunch of them back into the Stone Age.

"Held accountable" by a group of nitwit Leftists while being hailed by a much larger group of America loving patriots.

Trey be smart. He's a future potential POTUS candidate in my opinion.