Mr. Sanders is a hardcore Communist. Should this nation be so unfortunate that Mr. Sanders manages to steal the election, he will do to his supporters what all Communists have always done: he will betray and destroy them. Just a warning...

Bernie Sanders is a lifelong Communist and supporter/admirer of the Soviet Union. Need any more be said?

Elizabeth Warren - like so many Leftists (Obama and Hillary are first to come to mind) - is a pathological liar. Warren's entire life and career are based on a lifelong lie she has knowingly and willfully utilized to her personal benefit. Every job she has ever attained, every award she has ever received, every accomplishment she has ever achieved, are all based on that lie. When finally caught and exposed for that lie, she has been anything but remorseful. In fact, her only regret seems to be that she was caught. Regardless of any Trump Derangement Syndrome they might entertain, why would anyone in their right mind want this unrepentant pathological liar in the White House?

The last thing these Leftist sc**bags care about is the safety and well being of law abiding, taxpaying citizens. They only care about the dregs, the leeches, and the illegals.

Oh, this is rich. The Democrats talking about cover-ups. How many have they got going on now: 6, 8, 10, 20?

Nah, this has nothing to do with Trump. The Communists - er, I mean the Democrats - have been siding with America's enemies for well more than half a century now. After all, the Democrats and America's enemies have the same goal: the destruction of this nation and the downfall of Western Civilization.

Calling this guy a pea-brained moron is far too kind.

Calling this guy a pea-brained moron is far too kind.

Now there's a shocker: the media are lying to the public to cover up for the treason of Obozo and the Left.

Sounds like treason to me. The Democrats were plotting from Day One to overthrow a duly elected President. If that's not treason, what is?

Antisemitism in this nation is OWNED by the Left. Anyone who thinks otherwise is delusional.

Is there really anyone with a functioning brain who believes even one word that comes out of this witch's mouth?

Yes, let's have a discussion about racism and intolerance. We can start with the overt anti- white racism and antisemitism that has become an integral part of the Democrat Party and their platform. So yes, let's begin that discussion.

Swalwell a "star?" All that putz has accomplished is to show the world he is not only a pathological liar, but a delusional psychopath as well.

No wonder the Democrats are upset about this. They know that without fraud they cannot win an election.