Of course. Does not matter what God thinks, only pro-abortion leaders.

So, we the People must take this nonsense head on. We certainly cannot expect the MSM to do it, nor Fox, since many do not watch because they have been brainwashed to think Fox is racits, their people are, etc etc.

Interesting how last night, and even today, CNN & MSNBC went with some version of the original story, strtching to make it what it was not.

Of course, they do. Antov is correct. 24/7 people are told Trump is wrong. Always the GOP's fault anyway, BUT especially Trump. He can do no right.

I agree Susanna. We need to avoid what we have done in the past, and never leave. When the mission is done, it is done.
I was only going to post "he is retiring" and not to make it more than that. He's almost 70.

Of course.Nothing else has worked, so nowlet's bring something else up 2 years intohis Presidency.

I think we may be surprised by President Trump's reaction.