So even Mexico doesn't want anyone who can spread the virus into their country.

But wonder of wonder, miracle of miracles Fredo found 15,000 ventilators where they have been sitting for a decade.

Why shouldn't it work? Obama gave many billions to save GM, Chrysler and Wall Street. He even forgave them millions in paying the loans back.

All they have to do is go to the places that supply the googles, masks and whatever they need. Why go to the businesses themselves?

Barbara Root Because they can intimidate the local businesses with shutdowns or closures courtesy of the crooked pols. They have overstepped and folks you in NJ, Minnesota and Colorado need to make a big issue of this. Elections are only 8 months away. Vote them out of office. 3 months ago

So as of this morning the US has the most cases but in the deaths among the top five countries the US has the lowest. Credit our non socialist healthcare system for that. Italy has 60 million citizens and the US 335 million. The majority of the cases in the US are found in the Demwit controlled States of California, Washington State and NY State ( NYC alone).

So there are 19 million residents of NY State and of that 19 million 8 million live in NYC.

Teva Labs of Israel just sent 10 million tabs of hydroxychloroquine to the US. Chloroquine is a poison.

The Muslim, jihadi terrorist is missing one thing. We may lead the world in how many cases we have but we have less deaths. Italy, Spain and Iran have many more than us.

Jackson Brannon They have open Borders with unvetted trash from China and other infected Countries. President Trump quickly closed our Borders and placed a Travel Ban that the Demonrat Socialists first tried to call it  Racist!! To this day even Quid Pro Joe won't admit that it saved us THOUSANDS!!! 3 months ago

Madonna I am worth much more than you. My loss would impact many people. Your loss not so much.

So the man was 61 and had some health problems. Anyone over 60 who has health problems has a good chance of dying from the virus. Last year the Asian Flu affected 500,000 Americans killing 56,000. So far the coronavirus doesn't even come close.

What a Demwit liar he is. In reality while Piglosi was not putting forward the letters of impeachment Trump was already instigating the procedures to shield from an epidemic. Trump already knew from china that the virus had broken out. The Demwits concealed it all as they brought the impeachment witch hunt to the Senate.

Camel Hump Harris or beached whale Abrahams would be a disaster for this country if they stepped into Biden's shoes as the Prez. Biden isn't remotely capable of

Mark my words whoever is picked as the VP will become the Prez if Biden is elected. Biden will step down and whoever is VP steps into his place.

Just wait until the Corona Virus hits the homeless sections. You ain't seen nothing yet.