"history will be written by the righteous" - Oh John, you couldn't be more right, but you John were born of your father, satan, and that tightening you feel around your neck, is the noose of your own making that will hang you, hopefully literally you POS.

Daniel Vermeychuk He has to be the devil because he has blue eyes yesterday

The Obama coup should disturb everyone who cherishes freedom and what this country stands for, regardless of political affiliation. It is nothing less than treason, and the punishment that accompanies treason.
WAKE UP and stop being SHEEPLE!

Daniel Vermeychuk yes. yesterday

Libs are desperately circling the wagons because when the Flynn case fleshes out, there's going to be a lot of these dirtbags going to jail.

This from the most narcissistic person to ever hold the office of the president. Sorry Barry, it's time for you to go away.

You know what I haven't seen? A picture of President Trump playing golf during this crisis. Guess who was during the last one? BHO.

Dewey Bowser You know come think of it Obama seem to be on the Golf course quite a bit around 4:20 Lol 2 months ago

Look, I am an unabashed Trump supporter, but this is ridiculous.
Are we that desperate to lower ourselves to the libs/dems level?
Trump will win because of his record, no matter how many lies the left will say.

What is more concerning is who is voting these people into office?

How sad is it black man would warn a party to wake up instead of recognizing, at the very least, blacks are actually being elevated and that is a good thing for the country.
This is unparalleled hatred.

Anyone who believes this doesn't go directly to Barry is delusional.

Notice almost every description of these shrews is "angry".
Not to worry, their worst nightmare will become reality Nov 3, 2020. MAGA

Nike Never has, never will get my money.
When I see a lost nike golf ball, I toss it back into the woods.

Are the American people really this stupid to continue to vote the democrat perverts into office?

I guess I'll be a criminal then.
A well armed 2nd amendment believing criminal.
Bring it.

Political suicide has just been committed.
Thanks Dems!
I truly can't wait for 2020.