She is right , t he democrats do not have party, they have a bunch of wimps who should be ashamed of themsleves for even thinking they are one. AOC should be commended for being the dumbest apple in the barrel. , and rottenest.

I just hope the blacks and hispanics see what is going on and what will happen to them under a democratic government they would be thrown under the bus and be forgotten about. If the black think they have it good now, then they better take stock into what the democrats want to do to them.

Nicko D (Helltrooper509) Dont worry, many of us do. Im not voting Democrat ever again. yesterday

Why go in the past. Why not talk about today and their lies. One does not have to go back to 2016 to find lies, look at today.

Warren, just go away, no one want a liar like you. You are as bad or worse than Hillary.

Pelosi and Schumer should get together and console each other and have Sciff as their house maid to pick up t he crap they spew.

Schumer should go into the woods and not come out. The dems cannot force anything , they are all washed up. Look at that picture, he looks like a person without a brain.

Who the hell in the democratic party would waste their time going to vote of either of these crooked candidates. The times is a rag and should be burnt to the ground.

So why isn't Schiff in Jail for lying to congress and the American People. He is a liar and a cheat so go get him now, don't let him walk the halls of congress any longer.

Good it is about time someone came forward and uncovered the C linton. But just watch how long this guy will live once the clintons do their thing, maybe eliminate this guy.

Biden wins the democratic caucus in Iowa, whoopee. Who cares other than Biden. It looks like warren is out of the running.

and Trump got a score of 4 among the democrats. That is pretty good when all you print are democrat votes.

How stupid. How can one make a major decision with 300 voters, and all democrats. Get into the thousands and that would make a bit of difference.

Why doesn't she just stop lying and come out and tell the truth. How stupid does she think the voters are. Who cares who has had executive experience, that is not need for the job. Telling the truth is.

She must have looked nice looking up from the bottom

HA, HA, HA. Stick a piece of TNT up his ass and watch the crap fly.