Bring the women forward and watch them lie about something that never happened. Just pay them enough and they will tell you anything you want to kow.

ABuse of Power. Why wasn't that bought up when Obama abused power many time. Is abuse of power only for the republicans.

Jimmy By Dem standards , you nailed it! yesterday

What a stupid thing for Hower to say “And sadly, apparently, Trump was perhaps right when he said of his own supporters that he could shoot somebody in the middle of Fifth Avenue and they would not require any accountability.”… That is the way democrats think, that they are above the law.

It looks like the democrats just lost the 2020 election in both house and senate.

Show the pictures of Schiff every five seconds and soon people will just forget about him.

Schiff smugly posed for the cameras during the impeachment show trial as if he is a king sitting in a king’s chair. It looks like he is sitting on the toilet, and straining a bit, see his red face.

Liar and fraud Adam Schiff thinks he is a king — he thinks he is superior to the president of the United States.
He is not superior to a cockroach. A cockroach does not lie like Schiff does.

What does Trump have to do with Giuliani, Giulani is his own man and makes this own decisions. Kent is a very believable witness and stands up for Trump.

Burisma was or is a holding company for cash to pay off the Bidens and others.

How much did Father Joe Biden get for his piece of the puzzle, and how much did Obama get. Where do you think Obama got all the money to buy three multi million dollar home, not from a book deal.

How can anyone make $83,000 a month for doing nothing.
As Peter Schweizer, senior contributor at Breitbart News, detailed in his book, Secret Empires: How the American Political Class Hides Corruption and Enriches Family and Friends, Hunter Biden had no prior experience with either the energy industry or Ukraine before joining Burisma in April 2014.

It is time to stop t he BS and start rounding up the criminals and putting them where they can no longer harm the public. Obama, Kerry, Schiff, Pelosi, Schumer, Fienstein, and the many more who get rich from their lies. Why does it take so long. It takes overnight to get a criminal for robbing a drug store, and here it takes years to catch a government criminal

If, If, If Hillary were to take a shot at the office, and Bloomberg gets into the running, that would put Biden, Warren, Sanders out to pasture. I would love to see Hillary, Bloomberg, Warren and Biden on the same stage for a debate. Bloomberg would buy his way into the democratic party.

How many is many, many? maybe two or three.

They want Hillary to run ag*** so she can lose for a third time.

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