Throw both Biden's in jail. They are guilty be still walking the streets. Why does it take so long to bring these people in front of the Senate and Convict them.

The same should happen to Planned Parent Hood for allowing the killing of babies.

this is great. The sanctuary cities should be shut down and the politicians who back sanctuary should be ousted from their jobs. Go Trump

Shy do they announce "Possible Charges". Why not just charge him and take it from there.

Sanders hasn't the slightest idea on how to pay for his socialist ideas. Anyone can say the same thing and he said He would fund it. That is okay if he uses his own money or the money he skimmed from the top. What a lying jerk.

Warren is on the ass end ot the democratic party , just where she belongs.

Go Sanders, we want to watch Trump sink Sanders in the 2020 election. Go Donald.

I would love to see Hillary become bloombers choice for his running mate. That would mean Hillary loses for the third time.

Why doesn't Schiff , shift gears and get the hell out of here.

Why doesn't Bernie use his own money to fund his child care insurance. Why should tax payers do his dirty work.?

I hope bernie wins, the Warren can join Hillary and console each other with a bottle of wine.

Keith LaDue I can't believe you think that, George. No way. What were you thinking? Everyone knows they would have to procure at least a case of wine, lushes have developed a high tolerance to alcohol. One bottle of wine would last them .5 hours to consume. 5 days ago

If I singed the agreement I would be lying, like the rest of the democrats.

You know sanders cannot beat trump so why are you voting for him ,

Omar is the s**m of the earth. Let the magots eat her.