Go democrats, keep on punishing your fellow democrats for being honest. If the black people go ag**nst her, they will be in big trouble. The more they go after black people the more votes for Trump.

It is great so see democrats stand up for Trump. He knows where his bread is buttered. More democrats will become anti democrat
if Pelosi and Schumer keep up their stupidity.

even democrats need more money to line their pockets. Soros is running out of money so the taxpayer will have to make up his deficit. Keep spending Sorps, you are keeping people working although it is making the congressional democrats are reaping the Benefits /

What do you expect from the democrats. They have nothing better to do than harasses people, lie, cheat, steal and show people just how stupid they are and that they are all losers.

Biden also promised to select a black woman for his running mate. I guess there is not black woman capable of being of satisfying him and his *e***l activity. Klobuscher
is not black. so she cannot be his mate.

Jackson Brannon Moochelle is a Black Tranny. I guess that is as close as he could get!!! 1 month ago

Good thoughts Chuck but that will not pave your way into the republican party. you are an out cast.

The democrats should be shamed for their actions. Pelosi must go along with
Schumer, Fienstein,.Are they really as stupid as they seem. How in hell can any of them keep talking stupid. They are liars, cheats and all around idiots. Don't pay them and make them come out and tell the truth. Donald Trump is President but they will not accept that.

Michelle could not win a pig race because no pig would allow her name on list. Biden deserves someone like her to take him down.

agree with President Trump. They should be dismissed. They are doing nothing positive to our Government. They should not get paid for doing nothing and take a vacation when so many things need to be done.

Finally a democrat has the balls to stand up for Trump. It is about time they see where they are wrong. Go Donald, do what you think is best, save America from the stupid dems.

Now we will see many more women come forward and get it on Biden.

The democrats are know to ***ua*ly harass women when ever they want. Biden is not the first and will not be the last. Go back and look at Clinton and his recurring ***ua* harassment and rape performed by him. He got caught lying "I did not have ***ua* relations with that woman" Now it is Biden's turn to come forward and admit his sins.

It does not matter who Biden picks for his running mate, they will not beat Trump and Spence.

How in hell can Schiff be the head of the "House Intelligence Committee:" when he has no intelligence at all. Why is he still on that committee and why doesn't trump replace him with a sane persone.

Paul Otts Trump has no control over who heads that House Committee.  He cannot unseat a Legislator. 2 months ago

What do you think Obama did, give them candy, poison candy.