This guy is suffering from inferiority complex, resorted to lie on his true short height in his driver license is a psych issue, exacerbated by Trump's comments - he really must NOT stand in the podium in a box, to hide his shorty self to the audience. Now, his only way to fight back at Trump are ad hominem, that described him as well as billionaire of NY, his mind have gone mad, wanted to spend his billions to fight Trump, if not him, then whoever is the demon nominee. This billionaire guy is a political exploit, changing political party as he pleases, to rip off voters, just like snake changing skin.

Nick Mike's size does not matter much. Napoleon was also short, but.....One of Mike's un-electibility problems is that he wants to buy the presidency, another is that he is over 78!!! And there are a number of other issues, like anti-black legislation,Jewish origin and unsuccessful 3 times mayor of New York.Enough to be beaten by Trump!! 1 week ago