Its not the job of silly sotomayor to advocate for DACA recipients, & fight Trump's outlook on DACA recipients. Her job is to see to it unconstitutional executive orders of obummer must end now in preserving the immigration laws, & protecting America's sovereignty, the DACA recipients are violating in their illegal stay in the USA.

DACA is the lawless executive order of obummer. DACA is the reason why illegal aliens illegally crossing the US borders are dragging their children walking thousands of miles as passport, to fool society's fools, to not detain illegal aliens with children, just let them loose in your neck of the woods, & be taken cared off by the income taxpayers. SCOTUS must side with the American people, NOT with illegal aliens, who all are conning the immigration laws with this unlawful DACA, period.

Yeah, he was the cause of the GOP mess he perpetuated, alright, bc he is a RINO, with his double face - he campaigned for years obamacare must be repealed, then voted thumbs down against repeal before he died was his signal of his hate for Trump, as the duly elected POTUS. He himself showed what a loser he was.

Congress hearing is a reek, smelly corruption of the dem on lawmakers way too beyond repulsive. shitty shit acts is worst than above the law. The legislative branch with the dem ons in power are tyrannical against the GOP voters. Not even dem on American voters must tolerate such fascist acts of the dem ons, headed by shitty shit, who now is fabricating his attack on Trump's crime as bribery, bc the quid pro quo do not hold water, & what made shitty shit think bribery is more effective to impeach Trump, its all full of crapola. Congress hearing is a joke, headed by clowns of DC.

Trump is a danger, clearly NOT only to his opponents, but also to non elected positions appointees, he filled up were out to kick him out, to void votes of Americans empowering Trump to make tough decisions, to make lives of Americans sustainable, which Trump is surely delivering, yet the dem ons are consistently blocking Trump's effective agenda, bc every good effect Trump's policies to Americans' lives means proofs the career dem ons in politics for decades have been screwing Americans' lives, yeah all the dem ons have done is squander, spend taxpayers' dollars on illegal aliens benefits, handing out hard earned dollars to corrupt nations, to name a few.

The black woman from the TV program PUKE is showing her true self from the ghetto hood, with her thuggish screaming back to the guests on national TV. She a shameless POS. I would no even like to see her face in TV, media, whatever, She is disgusting lowlife, always a lowlife.

dem ons in congress are all abusing their power to make unlawful laws to cover up for their own crimes of framing Trump. All along dem ons all knew obummer, biden are into quid pro quo, yet they all got away with their crimes of corruptions. in spite of full of evidences. Yeah, dem ons are all saying whatever biden's son ill gotten billions are all kosher, nothing to investigate, my foot, yet the words of Trump the dem ons are able to twist them as criminal acts, worthy of impeachment is brainwashing the foolish of society.

behar is not only a true idiot, but a bonehead, miserable illiterate POS hired on TV, to weigh in on politics, she source from propagandist marxist media. Who the F**K is she to tell gabbard, or anybody, where to go for the nation to know what the lefty media are the master, PHD in doctoring everything Trump does to make welfare takers work hard for a living, end their living off on others' hard earned dollars, preserve America's sovereignty, by stopping illegal aliens illegally crossing the US borders, to name a few.

The climate change of the lefties is always the excuse to get funding from the taxpayers hard earned dollars, without scientific proof, but full of imaginary crapola. The bad weather, the fires, that burned thousands of expensive homes in CA blaming it to climate change, costing 32trillions to fix climate change, according to the green new deal of cortez, or else the world will explode in 12years, by 2028, start date was 2016.

The reason the fires in mountain range CA is out of control is because of the boom building homes near, or around mountains, next to dried golden grass, so the fires is grandiose with homes burning, while in the past fires are likely seen as expected to burn the dried golden grass, just like rain is expected to pour.

CA is called the golden state not because of the golden gate bridge, but because of extreme dried looks like grass are highly flammable. The taxpayers' billions were spent on taking care of illegal aliens, this mayor even said illegal aliens are all welcome to CA to be taken cared off, instead of spending taxpayers' billions to remove all of the flammable dried grass that looks gold from afar, as well as fix the electric wiring to set them underground, not exposed next to golden dried grass.

It should be televise for the entire Americans to see, hear the doctoring of the dem ons on Trump's events & happening as corruption, when its the criminal dem ons, who have been engaging on bearing false witness against Trump.

She should be in school. Who keep an eye on her as a minor. Her adult guardian should be responsible for safety of her travel. cortez must come to her rescue now with a sailboat, wait sailboat is gasoline run too, looks like she is stranded forever.

This is really too widespread of criminals to overthrow Trump, is indeed to overthrow the voters who gave the power to Trump. America is coming out as 3rd world countries with these criminals attacking the American people to be subjected to captive slaves of these crooked politicians.

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