At least this guy stated the truth. This prove msnbc is disseminating LIES brainwashing the ill informed demons' voters. An aging woman die hard supporter of sanders said on TV, she is voting for sanders, bc her medicare is great giving her excellent coverage to maintain her health, & would want to share to all living in America, means including illegal aliens. This old woman is the best example of a brainwashed victim of the marxist media. She does not know what she is talking about, giving free medicare to all. She does not even know her medicare is great, bc of Trump's great economy, NOT obummer's failed economy.

Or they just have to mow down communist sanders. They? did it to many others on the same arena of swampy politics.

Eastwood aging brain is toiling his decision making. Likely as well, losing his ability to probe DT only attacks his political foes, not, never ever the American people on both sides of the political aisles. DT is smart enough to use tweeter as direct communications to the American people, to neutralize the assaults he gets from overwhelming lefty, marxist media, day in, day out. Imagine, if DT is not going to rebut all of the lies of the far out lefty media? THATS WHY DT MUST TWEET, TO KEEP THESE LIBERAL, LYING MEDIA IN CHECK, & EXPOSE THEIR TRICKS OF LIES TO DEFEAT DT, & FOR THE DEMONS TO WIN NOT, NEVER, GD forbids.

Did he already remove his private thing? costing an average of 300thousand plus procedure. If that private thing is still intact, then he is still a HE.

She really MUST be deported by DT, bc she is an illegal alien, period. Her American citizenship is invalid. The fact her procured green card, or permanent resident visa was granted by immigration services based on fraudulent doc**ents. She submitted knowingly her papers were all bogus. Anybody defrauding the US government is charged, convicted, thrown in jail. So, why is it this criminal muslim in congress NOT investigated by piglosi, huh?

china is uncooperative to have American scientists investigate coronavirus propagation, is a red flag to something ominous.

What demons' secrets must be protected, huh?

Liberal judges appointed by liberal POTUS ruled on lefty, unAmerican agenda. Thats why America was in dire state of affairs, when DT took over on the mess of obummer he left behind. DT was able to save America/American people in 3years, yet many things must be done, settled for the good of America/Americans. demons are going to rollback this nation to fall on the deepest cliff. Case in point, the do nothin demon majority house have done nothing good for the country, & its citizen. These demons just kept on talking about healthcare, prescription drugs, infrastructures, but are not doin nothin about it.

biden is one confused soul, blaming 'this is Trump-like' on the bullying of sander's supporters at union leaders. biden is suffering from disorientation, to say Trump supporters are into threatening antiTrump is false. biden says bad things about Trump he cannot prove, bc he has NO PROOF. He is making himself an a**hole.

Jackson Brannon Biden is a LIAR, BULLY, CORRUPT, Punk!! He has no Morals whatsoever!!! 4 days ago

These protesters are bloodsucker, not working for a living, have so much time in their hands, to protest on issue, they themselves do not fully understand.

Jackson Brannon Probably Bernie Sanders Socialistsliving in their mommies Basement living on welfare!!! 4 days ago

This aging woman is loosing her brain, talking crazy, like a **hi**phrenic, hearing voices of 'Trump is Going To Shoot Someone in New York City' She needs immediate medical attention of an MD psychiatrist. Look at that picture of her, she has a depressed, abnormal unhappy face.

Deadly coronavirus is now in the USA. The treatment is isolation for 14 days. Hopefully those infected recovers. The most vulnerable are the elderly, frail, chronic medical conditions, & children. This is a challenge for CDC to oversee the virus is contained, to avoid further acceleration to already pandemic situation.

At least bloomberg is truthful to say DT not present was the winner of the debate, & the demons all are losers. DT's strategy to counter the demons debate with his signature rallies of thousands attendees, in & out of the venue is a winning game plan.

Woods' exceptionally high IQ makes him a genius. All of his tweets are exactly what transpired among wannabe presidential candidates trying hard, to have the edge on each other.