This communist guy elected as governor by the voters of CA has squandered the hard earned dollars of CA taxpayers, spent on illegal aliens benefits, spending the millions to billions on illegal aliens protections & welfare left the state of CA bankrupt. I really do not sympathize with the residents of CA taxed to death by dem ons they all religiously voted on elections, & elections. GOP cannot defeat the dem ons to make the state red, so the voters did this mess to themselves overwhelmingly voting dem ons. I say, californians must swallow the mess they all created, & must not be financially rescued by the rest of the taxpayers paying income taxes to the federal government. Go to piglosi who is too proud of congress has the power of the purse.

This is the proof dem ons couldn't care less on how foreign ent***es are squandering American taxpayers' hard earned dollars. dem ons are all mad Trump is handling the taxpayers' hard earned moolah with care, wanted to know if corrupt nations getting US government subsidies are spending them for what is it intended for. Imagine the out of control ukraine corruption under obummer, aided by obummer's ambassador yovano witch, where biden got paid 900,000 to lobby for corrupt ukraine along with his son hunter.

The republican during obummer were too complaisance, did not even try to impeach obummer's violations of the constitution, such as vowing to the king of saudi, unconstitutional DACA is legalizing illegal aliens illegal deeds is a national security, the death of 4 Americans obummer lied its about the video attacking muslims is his fattest lies, that went unpunished instead he won reelection, handing billions in cash to iran in the middle of the night made iran to realize their dream to build nuke to blow up Israel & the world.

This woman is mad being called an extortionist, by , bc the intent clearly is too maTucker. Her lawsuit is ag**n to extort hundreds of thousands from Fox News proved she & her lawyer are extortionists. What else do you all call these money hungry suckers, but EXTORTIONISTS, with the timing of the beginning of the 2020 presidential election is the time to make real money, by suing. The court if the judge is smart, & not a dem on must throw this frivolous lawsuit in the garbage. She is too old to display her aging body to make real money, clearly her suing is pure EXTORTION.

greenery Q Blabber website is not capturing the correct sentences I wrote, instead it comes out as erroneous. 2 days ago

The far to lefty, dem ons lovers 3 monkeys constitution testimonies made shameless piglosi decided to go ahead in impeaching Trump. Therefore, these 3 monkeys have more power than the American voters, who elected Trump as POTUS. Communist dem ons of the house in congress are asking for trouble with uprising of the American people, which is as well happenings all over the world in Hong Kong, iran, etc.

cotex constituencies are young bloodsucker, generally are allergic to work hard for a living is the qualifier to get freebie this, freebie that, which cotex calls public goods. cotex is one corrupt communist rep, elected by her constituencies to be in power to rob hardworking Americans hard earned dollars, to get squandered, by handing out food stamps to those lazy, strong as a bull with symptoms of indolent for half a century, which Trump is trying to treat, finally cure is one of many society's ill, brought about by socialist dem ons of buying votes for power, to grab hard earned dollars of Americans taxing their incomes to out of control.

WHAT? the only way, she can become the POTUS is, if biden beats Trump, & then he croak, that would be the day America dies. She's no presidential material, all she got is her egoistic self.

The 3 monkeys are NOT to be believed, the fact their statement are their crooked interpretations of the constitution, bc its nulling the votes of the American people, who duly elected Trump as POTUS. This is the best example of tyrannical dem ons members of house in congress. Trump is doing his job to make the lives of all Americans to sustain their livelihood, while congress are NOT doing their jobs, by NOT signing the USMCA trade agreement, to make the economy now strong to be ultra strong giving the farmers business with ca**da, since farmers did loss business with china into thievery, which Trump is straightening with TARIFF.

The corrupt dem on politicians local or national have gone beyond abuse of power. Why the heck are these corrupt government officials in local, national want the tax returns of Trump as private citizen, huh? Trump is not taking his annual salary as POTUS, instead donated them to fund maintenance of public parks. The corrupt government official really are IT TAKES ONE TO KNOW ONE, dying of envy how in the world Trump is a billionaire, whose father deposited on his son's name over two hundred thousand the day he was born in 1946, & every year of his birthday. Too hundred thousand in 1946 is like the value of a billion.

Talk about Trump's bad behavior are all lies of his opponents. Trump never, ever attack voter(s) is the truth. Trump solely attacks his same level political or non political foes, unlike biden wants to fight, name calling a senior dem ons voter, & killery called GOP voters DEPLORABLE.

This couple are friends of beyonce, & jaycee, displaying their nastiness for the world to see are way too disrespectful of Trump as the POTUS, yet these two will kiss obummer's ass, who obviously was not the favorite of the queen anyway. What count is the queen, while these two are irrelevant regardless.

The second amendment is for tyrannical government pandering marxist ideology to voters fooled with their free this, free that, aka public goods are the dem ons campaign platform. GOD forbid these communist dem on candidates win the 3 branches of the US government, to push their c**m** agenda to the throat of Americans with rights to bear arms is indeed to raise civil unrest.

This black activist is a criminal, who got away with his crime of framing a white man law enforcement officer of raping a black female. He always use the race card, if he can not get his way, yeah, as always he is now doing his usual race card BS.

She is one shameless b**c*, believing as an FBI worker, she can rule over smart voters.

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