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when people do not see the real root of the problems they face, a scapegoat must appear. The NRA is not at fault. They did not put the gun in the young mans hand. America should realize that the root of the problem in this situation is poor home training or no training at all of children and youth in
right and wrong and lets not forget the empty home syndrome. Dad is gone or working 2 jobs and Mother is out trying to compete or unwilling to take on the role of motherhood in exchange for a so called new life or a life with undeserved material goods. Parents do not love their children enough to raise them in the way they should live and perhaps they themselves are unruly and ungoverned by a decent set of standards. The NRA is the scapegoat here for those who fail or do not want to raise responsible, loving children who eventually grow into monsters. Those are the real monsters behind **rd**ous youth!