Thanks for the warning Kerry. You can be sure life won't be the same for you if there's a revolution, because of the over 100 million armed citizens. We will not allow trash to overthrow the US.

Doesn't the left mostly live in urban areas? Which areas does Kerry think will go up in flames, all kinds of chemical and biological warfare first? Destroying urban centers beyond fire isn't that hard. He's an idiot. He best hope that revolution doesn't happen.

Daniel Vermeychuk Kerry thinks the world revolves around his idealogy. 4 days ago

Start arming youselves. Because it's going to be necessary to start killing these people when they try overthrowing the US.

There are some really stupid Christians out there. If you're upset because the governor was called out for wearing blackface, then you're a racist and fake Christian also.

That'll get properly quashed by the federal courts. It's discrimination. And it's medically stupid as they themselves say minorities have more of the virus, thus they should be the ones wearing the masks.

Obama quoting the Great Awakening is like Stalin quoting MLB scores. There's no truth to it.

Texans won't make the same mistake NY'rs made when they rejected Amazon. These are high paying jobs and Tesla is an ideal citizen,

Tired of all this fake BS. And NASCAR *c*e*ed up also.

I wonder if these idiots lived in East Germany and can remember the difference between West and East Germany? The only good communist is a dead one.

I think armed citizens have to intervene. When a few hundred inciters die, they'll get the messageg.

Better tear down Yale University. It's owner was a slave owner and slave trader. Same for Harvard; tear it down. They held slaves. Tear down and destroy Fanuiel Hall in Boston; he owned slaves and it is the site of a former slave trading site.

She should sue in federal court. Do not trust city DA's. Let the feds handle it.

Boycott EPM and tell everyone they are a racist organization. Let's see how long they last.

She should sue.

Just like the DA in Baltimore, who spent less than 1 hour reading the findings and decided to charge to officers without going to the Grand Jury. As a result, all five officers were acquitted.