NYPostL If Proud Boys are far rght , then antifa are faR LEFT!

Constitutionalists and conservatives on the high court should side for President Trump.

George Conway is a disgrace. He flaps his mouth open like he is a puppet of the leftist demented Democrats or their sycophants in the media.

Brennan is a idiot stoog. Dig into his activities and find a traitor.

Dr. Rand Paul: Please do this. The Democrats have conducted a Star Chamber and Kangaroo court. Get the Democrats on the stand under oath.

These demonrats have lost most of the independents and moderates already. Their lies and support of illegal invaders cost them.

Why doesn't Wolf ask the homos on CNN about their marriages? Corrupt Non-news Network, Anti-Trump Propaganda Central.

Declare DACA an illegal unconstitutional overreach of Obama, make it unanimous and Trump can use the negotiations with the obstructionist moronic Democrats to include funding for the WALL, eliminating birthright citizenship, lottery visas and immigration by merit.

The flakes of California voted for these idiots running their state. Black plague & typhus and what else is next?

Confiscate the guns from law abiding citizens? The terrorists, criminals, etc. will not give up their guns. So, the bad guys have the guns and the good guys don't. Nothing bad can happen, right? Only in the demented evil minds of Democrats.

Trump was welcomed by real American citizens. He enjoyed a great game in which LSU finally put the loss on the Tide,

These protesters are idiots. If they are illegal, arrest and deport them. They aren't encouraging caretakers of babies born on drugs due to the drug addiction of the mothers.

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