Why? Because the leftist lying Democrats are saying the same thing over and over. Anyone with a sound mind would be bored and be ready to issue a "summary judgment" ASAP.

Efforts to lock it down would be far more successful in China for totalitarian communism reasons.

CNN lies every day that they broadcast the news so Corrupt non-news Network and lying Joe have so much in common.

Nina Stenholm O'Leary Totally agree but I calling what they broadcast "news", seems like a stretch. 22 hours 59 minutes ago

The Biden Crime Family used old Uncle Joe to extort contracts/money, quid pro quo in action.

Ask Harvard, you idiot and demented leftist Schiff.

Can't someone sue this POC? Prosecute him for breaking the law?

Gary Moore Leftist Extremist mouthpieces have immunity from anything. 2 days ago

Tyranny by the demented lying Democrats. Subpoena Hunter Biden, the Ukraine officials who were witnesses to the phoe conversation.

Prince Charles paid about $6 million a year for security for them in UK and those costs would be much higher if private in Ca*a*a or the U.S.

No Democrat lying witnesses for no impeachable offense!

Kennedy promised that if the demented Dems were to get witnesses, then he would make certain that Trump got all his witnesses.

The Senate is not required to hear any witnesses. They are supposed to review the House's case, hear any defense or rebuttal and then vote. If any witnesses for the House are heard, then the Biden Crime Family should be called and the Ukraine leadership, etc.

All the intellectual and patent thefts the ChiComs are doing is not helping their economy? All the fake islands they are building?

Lieawatha/Fauxcahontas lies all the time about herself, her fake heritage or Trump. The Democrat evil clown show.

stupid Mooshel pretended to be a school nutritionist and menu planner, horribly failing at both. Schools lost thousands, even tens of thousands, of dollars before principals dumped Michell's plan and returned to their previous menu.