Sometimes I question if their really is a God, if so why hasn't he taken this fat ugly pig out.

Bite me Biden is a fking gutless old wimp. I'm shocked the black community backs this phony fker.

Too funny how brave these little cuxsuckers are over the internet, if Conor yelled at one of them the would soil themselves.

What I wouldn't give for the chance to knock this little mofker out.

greenery Q This obummer guy was grounded for years, now he looks he just got out 6 feet under, talking Trumpism is the greatest threat to America since communism is too laughable, when his political party is the party of communists, wannabe POTUS, while Trump is making, keeping America Great with jobs, jobs, jobs, against illegal aliens, America First to mention a few, & for this zombie guy its threat to America. I say, bury yourself back to 6 feet below ground for you to STFU. 7 days ago

Hunter will prove Trump was right in saying the Bidens were on the take. Also call up the pencil neck gutless wimp Schiff

Little Jeffery c***Zucker sent his minions after Sanders, priceless

I guess she didn't steal enough of her coworkers tips when she was bartending

CNN and little Jeffery CuxZucker had this creepy porn lawyer on over 150 times and was actually touting him to be a presidential candidate, priceless

Let it be known to all illegals that it is a federal crime to vote and they will be deported'

what did you expect from the gutless cowards at the NY Slime

No mater what the tape shows Sanders was merely trying to help that sheep he was holding from behind.BAAAAAAAAA

It's amazing that one liberal cuxsucking judge has more power than the president, it's time to tkae this country back

Jimmy Time for REAL AMERICANS to stand up against pricks like this corrupt judge! 2 weeks ago