Hopefully this judge suffers a severe case of painful anal warts that last for years.

I only hope that someone knocks this old fk out.

Oh the poor little fragile liberal princess was all butt hurt. Obama fired every U.S. Ambassador when he took office and yet that was OK, liberals are gutless whores.

Poor little butt hurt wimp. She teaches one class of 14 students 3 times a week for the same pay and she thinks this is punishment.

Jimmy She was corrupt as Ambassador, the State Dept. needs to terminate her for such a poor job! yesterday

If she doesn't like it she can go lickty-split

Blitzer's parents must have had a great since of humor to name a wimp wolf

Lawrence Herring This is the most corrupt country on earth 2 days ago

Hunter Biden is even more of a fkng wimp than Kerry, thats saying something. Hang these mofkers

First thing McConnel needs to do is get rid of that spineless wimp Burr. It appears that Burr and Warner are butt buddies.

Since when did they change the name of cuxsucker to whistleblower? Adam the wimp should have his bluff called, what's he going to throw a fit, Adam is a gutless wimp.

Give me five minutes with Downer and I will get you the truth.

I only wish Jim Jordan would reach across the isle and punch Adam Schiff for brains in the mouth.

Hillary should be writing books about farm animals since she resembles a fat pig with a horse face daughter.

Hillary amaze's me, how can anyone that fkng fat still be alive.

Cindy McCain was a fknb drug user who stole from charities to feed her habit. Anyone else would be doing hard time but Cindy received a pass because she was married to a RINHO liar.

When the civil war happens you can bet that there will be a mass exodus of liberal cowards leaving for Canada led by Adam Shit for brains.

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