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Monday, 02 January 2017 07:05

Here's What DC Should Do With Ben Affleck's Batman Movie

Written by  Cinemablend

The DCEU seriously cannot catch a break, can it? After months of interesting developments and seemingly strong progress, Ben Affleck recently came out and admitted that he's prepared to back out of helming the solo Batman movie if he cannot get the story right.

This revelation left die hard Bat fans in a bitter state of uncertainty, as there are few ideas more tantalizing than a gritty DCEU Batman movie with Ben Affleck running the show. With that in mind, I have one simple (yet effective) solution for DC and Warner Bros.: push the film back, because rushing this project could potentially be an unmitigated disaster. Allow me to explain.

First and foremost, it's worth acknowledging that the current DC slate is not a barren wasteland. In 2017 alone we have Wonder Woman and Justice League to look forward to, and within the next few years we will see Aquaman, The Flash, Man of Steel 2, and even Shazam. Beyond that, on the villainous side of things, we will also see Gotham City Sirens, Suicide Squad 2, and a Deadshot solo movie, if all goes according to plan. As excited as we are by the prospect of a new movie centering exclusively on Batfleck, it doesn't have to be a priority for DC at this stage of the game.

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as per usual with DC.. any movie they make will suck... there TV shows are pretty damn good but I won't shell out my hard earned dough on their crap again.. hint.. get the TV guys to write a movie.. or hire john byrne to shore up super-man & batman.. what dc doesn't get.. while I might not be 70 years old.. I have invested a lot of my life watching these characters.. from I love Lucy & smallville with super man to various series of batman.. now we get these supposedly bad ass characters that we have never seen before.. these guys are not who we grew up watching.. why is dc shoving this shit down our throats?? I know.. trying to compete with Marvel..!! well.. they can't because it seems the number one rule marvel has is.. don't mess up the characters origins or 50 year old story plot.. and for the most part they have stayed true to the comics.. when they haven't.. they paid the price.. fantastic four anybody..?? DC needs to get back to the characters they spent years upon year getting us to invest into.. Stop making super man God and stop with all the Krypton villains.. he's been around for almost 80 years.. use a villain we can relate to.. ala marvel..

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