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Wednesday, 14 December 2016 12:48

Stephen Colbert Finds Out Who Got Santa's Vote in Bleak AF 'Charlie Brown Christmas' Parody

Written by  Complex

Santa Claus is a coward. As (a Charlie Brown Christmas-esque cartoon version of) Santa revealed on Tuesday's Late Show, he doesn't even have the courage to take a stand against the potential dismantling of our democracy.


Goodnight, everyone! Awwweeeee, cheer up, @StephenAtHome, both of you! #LSSCpic.twitter.com/PZWBrRYJ77

— The Late Show (@colbertlateshow) December 14, 2016

"Good grief," the Peanuts-ified Stephen Colbert said in the Charlie Brown Christmas parody. "Christmas is coming and Donald Trump's going to be president." As that weakling known as Santa Claus strolled up to comfort Colbert, he made an impassioned but arguably misguided plea for unity. "Oh Stephen," Santa said. "It can't be that bad. I mean, the country is divided, but in the end we're all Americans!"

Colbert, understandably hoping to chop it up about the fate of the nation with a seemingly like-minded dude, then asked if Mr. Kringle rocked the vote this year. Sadly, this fraud who clearly sits on a throne of lies decided to confirm he had betrayed his own brand of generosity and kindness with a vote for the candidate with the Apprentice connection. 

"It was the only thing Donald wanted for Christmas," Santa claimed.

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I think it is terrible to see people burning the American flag which represents this country. I don't think they should lose their citizenship, if they are even citizens, I think we should just load them on a plane and drop then over China. Let them see what happens to big mouth over there. I wish all of this crap would stop and these wah wah cry babies would get a job or get back into school where they belong.

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