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Saturday, 18 March 2017 19:37

Panicky NY Times Sees 'Deep Fear' Among Liberal NEA Fans Under Trump Budget

Written by  Clay Waters

President Trump’s first proposed budget resulted in a patchwork of short, dire stories dominated two pages of the print edition Friday. The headlines provide the tone for the ideologically loaded stories: “Researchers Bristle at Extent of Cuts” at the National Institute of Health and Department of Energy.

Meanwhile, the Department of Housing and Urban Development was “‘Hurt and Upset’ Over Potential Losses,” and “States Would Lose Help in Emergencies” because of cuts to the Environmental Protection Agency.”

Let’s focus on perceived Trump attacks on two liberal playpens in particular: public broadcasting, and the National Endowment for the Arts and the National Endowment of the Humanities.

Michael Grynbaum and Ben Sisario milked the budget scenario for all the drama it had in “Public Broadcasters Fear a ‘Collapse.’”

Public radio and television broadcasters are girding for battle after the Trump administration proposed a drastic cutback that they have long dreaded: the defunding of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

The potential elimination of about $445 million in annual funding, which helps local TV and radio stations subscribe to NPR and Public Broadcasting Service programming, could be devastating for affiliates in smaller markets that already operate on a shoestring budget.

Patricia Harrison, the corporation’s president, warned in a statement on Thursday that the Trump budget proposal, if enacted, could cause “the collapse of the public media system itself.

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NPR has only one great problem: They have proven themselves to be 'true blue thru and thru' to the Democrat flu. It appears that a good dose of GOP salts will cure their ills. It remains to be seen if they realize that half of their demographic is aligned to the GOP deplorable segment of the population. NPR? your charter is to provide the public, all the public, with unbiased playlists. Get with the program. Or maybe you should just sponsor the Hitlory Foundation Comedy Hour. It is rumored that they give to charitable causes. Pray about that. Oops. Sorry. You are secular to a fault. Aren't you?

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(Updated: March 19, 2017)

Big Bird went to HBO, so no one is "killing" Big Bird. Maybe Big Bird just got sick of the leftists illiberal talking points on NPR that speak condescendingly about half of the country. NPR is just an elitist leftist organization, let their Hollywood friends fund them. Cuban could fund them all by himself, or Gates or any other person whose views are represented by NPR. Someone like Pelosi, that benefits from the propaganda of NPR.

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