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Friday, 17 March 2017 12:35

Donald Trump: ‘I’m 100 Percent Behind’ Obamacare Replacement Plan

Written by  Charlie Spiering

President Donald Trump met with members of the Republican study committee at the White House today, endorsing the House effort to replace Obamacare.

“I want everyone to know, I’m 100 percent behind this,” Trump said after the meeting.

The president griped that the media was not reporting fairly on the bill.

“They have not been giving it a fair press. The press is — as you know, in many cases, I call it the fake news. It’s fake news,” he said. “This is gonna be great for people.”

Trump remarked that most of the members of the meeting were opposed to the bill, but that after the meeting they were ready to support the bill.

“These folks were noes — mostly noes yesterday, and now, every single one is yes,” he boasted.

But Trump still appeared open to some improvements to the bill, speaking in support of the ultimate product.

“This is a great plan. This is going to be fantastic,” he said.

The Republican Study Committee, once a collection of house upstart conservatives, has become more moderate in recent years as the more conservative members founded the “Freedom Caucus.”

But Trump appeared delighted that they were now in support of the bill.

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Repeal an replace it with Private payer...what we had before the Socialist bad to the bone Obama don't care.

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trump is 100 percent what hurts his voters

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(Updated: March 17, 2017)

Glan you were elected; but Mr Prez, you are off here. Get it repealed, remove competition barriers, provide vouchers for poor and infirmed folks (qualified) and let all purchase in free for-profit insurance market. No government needed other than regulations release, removal of interstate barriers to competition, a direct pay(like foodstamp card) voucher system, healthcare savings accounts for medical without limits, no tax deductibility limits on medical expenses and no tax on any insurance catilac or pinto. Get the Government out of my doctor's office and my wallet!

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Allen G. Wood Written by Allen G. Wood
March 18, 2017
I agree, but we have two choices, put up a bill that will pass with 50 votes in the Senate or let Obamacare fail under its own weight (as it is doing). This will shut up the Dems who love Ocare. Then pass a bill that will do what we want it to do. It will then pass or the Dams will again be blamed for the ongoing mess they created.
In reply to an earlier comment

Antone Written by Antone
March 18, 2017
Actually that's a false premise from Ryan. VP, Pense as Executive of the Senate can unilaterally change filibuster rule and cause a 52 member vote pass for the full monte in the Senate.

I'm afraid Pres Trump needs to,rethink this as RINO RYAN is setting a Liberal Trap for him.

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Here's some Real news for the serial liar currently occupying an office at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. You are screwing the very people who helped elect you, the working poor, rural Americans in favor of huge tax breaks for insurance executives and the 1%!

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Antone Written by Antone
March 17, 2017
Exhail Waldo. Get an education, a job and a psychiatrist. PLEASE!!!
Clifton Abernathy Written by Clifton Abernathy
March 17, 2017
trump didn't care about the people that voted for him unless they are billionaires
Then why is he taking all this flack?


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