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Friday, 13 October 2017 10:32

Why a moron could successfully run Trump’s game plan

Written by  By Tom Toles
(Tom Toles)

Arguing about whether President Trump is, in fact, a moron, or some kind of evil genius, is a waste of time. It doesn’t matter. People are wasting precious time trying to understand Trump’s actions in all the wrong ways.

The danger of Trump is authoritarianism and, as I’ve tried to make the case since his election, authoritarianism is not a complicated hand to play. But take the freighted word “authoritarianism” out of it. It might be simpler to just describe what he does. That isn’t complicated, either.

The mistake people are making is to try to understand Trump in the context of other presidents. Is he getting legislation passed? How is he working with Congress and the other party? How does he comport himself? Is he departing from this or that norm? Who are the key players around him? These questions miss the point.

Trump operates with two levers. They are “reward” and “punish.” All the rest is distraction, and Trump is certainly a master of that. Whom does Trump reward? Anyone who does what he wants right now with no questions and offers him nonstop effusions of exaltation on top of it. And who gets punished? Anyone or anything that crimps his prerogatives.

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