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Friday, 13 October 2017 07:57

China's Internet censors know how to block Russian interference

Written by  USA Today

Recent revelations that Russian interests used social media to interfere with the 2016 American election campaign have sent lawmakers scurrying to respond. China’s “Great Firewall” offers one possible model for securing our democracy.

Just as China’s “Great Wall” blocked foreign invaders, the country’s virtual wall protects Chinese Internet users from the foreign threats that appear to have infiltrated Facebook and Twitter in the U.S.

China censors any agitators, foreign or domestic, on social media. Politically sensitive topics like Tibetan self-determination, the Tiananmen Square demonstrations, or resistance against the Communist Party are off-limits. Of course, the Great Firewall also completely blocks access to Facebook, Twitter, and thousands of other websites. Through these measures, Chinese citizens can rest assured that they are free from foreign interference. So is this a system we should adopt here? Heck no.

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Emulating China’s disregard for free speech may seem like mere satire for Americans. But is it? There is always risk for overstatement when resorting to “slippery slope” arguments. But recent calls to regulate online political speech by foreign interests directed at Americans seem to articulate no bounds.

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