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Thursday, 12 October 2017 10:30

Trump announces that he may pull FEMA out of Puerto Rico because its problems can’t compare to the real disaster in the White House

Written by  By Tom Toles
(Tom Toles)

No power, no water, destroyed housing, washed-out bridges, ruined agriculture. Frankly, President Trump is out of patience with this sort of whining from Puerto Rico.

And while relief to the island, which Trump discovered is surrounded by water ON ALL SIDES, has been slow in arriving, Trump has been lightning-fast on the blame-shifting.

That started arriving by planeload, boatload and tweetload before the storm winds had even died down. And anyway, Puerto Rico is in an ocean, a big one, and they aren’t real Americans, any more than they are on that other island, Hawaii, located in an even bigger ocean. The island that former president Barack Obama tried to claim as his birthplace in his phony bid for citizenship.

Trump says that the mess in Puerto Rico is of the Puerto Ricans’ own making. They let things go, and let systems run down, decay and break. They took the lazy way, and when the crisis came, they were unprepared, so they clearly deserve whatever level of human immiseration they now suffer. What’s left of the federal government isn’t going to save them. Trump is sending an important message here.

The message is that the United States, by tolerating the unprecedented change in political climate of the Trump presidency, is letting things go, letting systems run down, decay and break.

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