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Monday, 02 October 2017 05:00

Puerto Rico has big problems, but President Trump isn't one of them: Glenn Reynolds

Written by  USA Today

Things are pretty bad in Puerto Rico. As Terry Teachout commented, the situation — no electricity, limited transportation, shortages of food and water — is what the United States would look like after a successful North Korean electro-magnetic pulse attack on our grid.

This has led to the usual political finger-pointing. The press has been trying to make every hurricane this year into “Trump’s Katrina,” for obvious reasons, but the problem here isn’t presidential. As former Navy Captain and disaster-relief expert Jerry Hendrix told Bloomberg View:

Puerto Rico is an island that suffers from its position in the middle of the Caribbean and its physical separation from the U.S. Its roads were in disrepair and its electrical grid was antiquated prior to the hurricane. The island has also suffered for years from ineffective local government and rising local territorial debt.

The Navy used to operate a large Navy base there, Naval Station Roosevelt Roads. I spent six months on the island in 1993, but when the island’s population protested the presence of the training range at nearby Vieques Island, the Navy shuttered the base, taking $300 million a year out of the Puerto Rican economy. 

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