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Thursday, 18 May 2017 06:30

Reporter Tweets Video of Muslim Discussing His Religion, Gets Sacked

Written by  M.J. Randolph

What does it take to get fired from Portland State University's student newspaper? One writer, Andy Ngo, recently found out when he tweeted out a video of a Muslim discussing his faith at an interfaith panel.

This is the tweet that made him lose his position:

At @Portland_State interfaith panel today, the Muslim student speaker said that apostates will be killed or banished in an Islamic state. pic.twitter.com/YpsVSB1w9P

— Andy C. Ngo (@MrAndyNgo) April 27, 2017

Yep. That was it. If you watch the video, you'll see that Ngo didn't mischaracterize the speaker's language or intent. (And I suggest you do, if not just for the funny expressions of the person sitting to his right with the name plate of "Maddie." Yes, it is shocking, Maddie, that "apostasy" is not an option in some Muslim countries.) Ngo, writing at National Review, described what happened:

My editor, whom I deeply respected at the time, called me “predatory” and “reckless,” telling me I had put the life and well-being of the Muslim student and his family at risk.

She said that my tweets implied the student advocated the killing of atheists.

Another person in the meeting said I should have taken into account the plight of victimized groups in the “current political climate.

Read more at TruthRevolt

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Sure, folks. "The religion of peace"? More like "the religion of pieces", because that's what you'll be in, pieces, after they saw your head off while you're still alive. Liberalism is a mental disorder. Do you non-muslim Lib kooks really think you'll be spared because you were coddling them? LOL!

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mysweetlizzie Written by mysweetlizzie
May 19, 2017
Muslims are a threat no matter where they live.
They should not be allowed here.


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