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Friday, 05 May 2017 06:59

Laurence Fishburne’s Daughter Blames ‘Political Situation’ Under Trump For DUI

Written by  Chris Menahan

President Trump is driving leftists out of their minds.

From the Miami Herald:

Her bare behind, public urination and a Donald Trump rant: Montana Fishburne, the troubled daughter of the actor who played the self-possessed leader of the rebels in “The Matrix,” gave I-95 motorists an eyeful and state troopers an earful when she was arrested March 11 on a DUI charge, according to a video of the incident released by the Florida Highway Patrol.

Wearing her ultra-short, clingy dress above her waist near the Oakland Park exit in Fort Lauderdale, the former porn star and daughter of actor Laurence Fishburne performed quite a show on the side of the road that night.

At one point, she stuck her butt in the air in front of a patient trooper who was trying hard, and actually managed, not to look.

She never played the celebrity card, and at no time did she tell troopers she is Fishburne’s daughter.

She did, however, use the excuse of the Donald Trump presidency as a reason why the trooper should be patient with her.

“In the situation we’re going through with Donald Trump,” Fishburne says, “as a Latino American to another Latino American, I would appreciate if you could show me the exercise correctly so I can do it correctly.

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Hooray for DashCams!
This DUI is gonna be expensive.
Little Miss Cutie Pie is gonna grow up as a result of this stupidity

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that's right team trump made her drink put in the car made her drive then had the cops get her ! wow what an ass to say such shit lmao what is the world coming to what she think she is Clinton ?

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You don't have to blame the President for your stupidity. You should have use your common sense idiot.

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Jon Bradfield Written by Jon Bradfield
May 05, 2017
No sense of responsibility. This is how a child relates to the world. "Everyone is responsible for what happens to me. I have no control of the situation." The rallying cry of the Left as well as children.
Lawrence Greenberg Written by Lawrence Greenberg
May 05, 2017
Use common sense? One cannot use what one does not possess.
Franci Waggett Reed Written by Franci Waggett Reed
May 05, 2017
Dad must be so proud!


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