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Friday, 05 May 2017 03:14

Germany Grapples with Integration Debate: ‘We Don’t Do The Burqa’

Written by  Patrick Goodenough

Berlin (CNSNews.com) – As Germany continues to grapple with questions of migrant integration and national identity, Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere stoked a row this week when he presented a ten-point concept of what he argues constitute German cultural values.

The announcement prompted renewed debate, and criticism from some quarters, over the notion that immigrants must assimilate to a set of shared “dominant” cultural values.

Germany has taken in more migrants and asylum seekers – around 1.2 million since 2015 – than any other European Union member-state.

Complaining that countries like Germany are “shouldering the greatest burden of the consequences of flight and migration in Europe,” German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier during a visit to Rome this week called for a greater sharing of the load among E.U. partners.

In an earlier op-ed in the Bild newspaper, de Maizière put forward ten points representing his personal view of a “leading culture” (Leitkultur) – characterizing Germany as a multicultural, accepting nation but one that also retains its sense of identity.

“We shake hands, show our faces, and tell people what our names are,” he wrote. “We don’t ‘do’ the burqa,” he added, in reference to apparel designed to conceal a woman’s head and body, favored by many Muslims.

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Allowing women to wear a burga, hijab ETC. should be banned. There actually is not a religious reason to any of those coverings. It is about power and slavery for women. It is an insult to women that have fought for equality. It seems that Muslim men can not control their sexual urges if they see even a speck of hair on a womens head. Ban All vestiges of Islamic so called religion.

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mysweetlizzie Written by mysweetlizzie
May 05, 2017
Stupid leadership will sink Germany.


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