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Friday, 21 April 2017 15:56

FRIDAY FLASHBACK: Obama’s White House Guests Flipped Off Reagan Portrait

Written by  Trey Sanchez

Former Governor Sarah Palin and rockers Kid Rock and Ted Nugent have taken a lot of heat from the Left for a photo of them posing in front of a portrait of Hillary Clinton during their White House visit as President Trump’s invited guests.

Palin was called an asshole by a Buzzfeed “reporter,” and Nugent and Kid Rock were the resident “racists,” too backwoods redneck to remove their hats. Obviously, the sight of the three of them in front of Clinton’s portrait was meant tongue-in-cheek, but nothing about their body language was disrespectful, nor were they making any obscene hand gestures. Unlike Obama’s invited guests did.

When Obama’s White House hosted its first-ever gay pride reception in 2012, his invited guests included Mark Segal from the Philadelphia Gay News. He posed in front of former President George W. Bush’s portrait with an obvious mocking smirk and sarcastic thumb (excuse the poor quality):

Not too bad, but Segal was told by his staff to be on his best behavior during his visit. The same couldn’t be said for two other Obama invitees.

The national director of Solutions for Progress, Matthew Hart, opted for a couple of raised middle fingers when he posed in front of Ronald Reagan’s portrait.

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The Right-wing buffoons refer to Sara Palin as an a**hole? Rich.

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Liberalism is a form of mental illness. Flipping off a picture? That's some stupid stuff, morons.

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MY! How classy!--and caught on camera.

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