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Thursday, 20 April 2017 06:00

The Anti-Free Speech Movement

Written by  TruthRevolt

UC Berkeley, birthplace of the Free Speech Movement, has stabbed free speech in the back once again.

Last week it effectively canceled a long planned speech by David Horowitz. Today it canceled a long planned speech by Ann Coulter scheduled for April 27.

As they did with Horowitz, UC officials, citing safety concerns, first tried to bureaucratically shrink the Coulter speech out of existence by informing Young Americans for Freedom, sponsors of the event, that Coulter could speak only in the afternoon when students were in classes; that only students could attend; and, in a Kafkaesque twist, that the location of the speech would be distant from the center of campus and not be announced until just before it occurred.

Coulter agreed to these conditions. But she added two stipulations that called the bureaucrats’ bluff that this was about public safety rather than the suppression of the free speech of conservatives. She asked that the Chancellor not require police to stand down in the face of anticipated violence by thugs, as he has in the past; and she asked that the UC administration make it clear than any student trying violently to disrupt the speech would be expelled.

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Hey Berkeley, your bastion of free speech has just turned into Americas first open air latrine. Your pro-fascist agenda hypocrisy is now streaming world wide enlightening everyone just how nuts you and your ideas actually are. If you have a problem with the potential violence then don't tell the police to stand down. Simple arrest anyone who uses or resorts to violence. I am sure that Starbucks and the ATM owners were not to thrilled about your choices. You are burning the candle at both ends and you are standing in the middle, duh. Your stool dispenser is showing. ty Toledo Sgt

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