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Wednesday, 19 April 2017 23:49

CNN vs. CNN: GA-06 Is 'Really Ruby Red Republican,' But Not Really

Written by  Brad Wilmouth

On Wednesday's New Day on CNN, viewers could see a contradictory message as CNN regulars repeatedly embellished the Sixth Congressional District of Georgia as being solidly Republican -- even though there were also a few times when CNN regulars conceded that Donald Trump only beat Hillary Clinton by about a point in the district.

But the CNN regulars still kept going back to painting the district as solidly Republican, using the tags "deep red," "rock solid," "Republican stronghold," "really conservative red," "really ruby red Republican," and "deeply Republican" to refer either to the Sixth District or the state of Georgia in general.

While it is true that the seat could be accurately described as "traditionally Republican" since there is a history of Republican presidential candidates performing well there through 2012, but districts can change, and it is at least debatable whether the district should still be considered "deeply Republican" if the most recent Republican presidential candidate only won by a 48.3 to 46.8 percent margin. And in Georgia overall, Trump failed to crack 51 percent, which hardly makes the state "deep red."

Given that Democratic candidate Jon Ossoff's 48 percent -- plus the lesser percentages received by a few other Democratic candidates -- add up to about 49 percent, while all the Republican candidates combined add up to about 51 percent, the numbers are hardly out of line with the last presidential election.

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I remember when little Alisyn worked at Fox & still appeared to have all her mental faculties.

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Les Prangley Written by Les Prangley
April 21, 2017
Ah, CNN... doncha just love their "Fake News" spinning.


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