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Tuesday, 18 April 2017 06:30

Fresno State Prof Tweets 'Trump Must Hang' and His University Reported to the FBI

Written by  M.J. Randolph

TruthRevolt normally devotes a great deal of space to justifiably complaining about the state of higher education in America. But once in a long while, a university administration gets something right.

The Fresno State administration, for example, acted quickly and decisively when one of its professors tweeted out a terrible message about President Donald Trump.

Professor Lars Maischak tweeted, "To save American democracy, Trump must hang. The sooner and the higher, the better. #TheResistance #DeathToFascism."

The professor did "clarify" his remarks, meaning he "walked them back" when he realized that people didn't appreciate his call to assassination as much as he hoped.

He told Campus Reform that he “did not intend to harm Mr. Trump” nor “wish for anyone else to harm Mr. Trump by way of an assassination.” He also added that, “given the nature of [Trump’s] regime, that he will be held accountable for his crimes in a court, and that historical precedent suggests that a death sentence is inevitable, if democracy prevails.” Nice.

He also tweeted this:

His original tweet has since been deleted, but not before the administration acted:

Now, however, Campus Reform has been informed that university President Joseph Castro promptly alerted multiple federal agenciesto the tweets after becoming aware of them, and has been in “regular contact with federal authorities” over the past several days.

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With the "education" of our young people into anti-American idiots, this Prof. should be terminated at once!
Who knows how many of his students are willing to try such nasty deadly attempts.
Looks like this Administration found some spine!

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People actually wonder why our young people are turning into rapid snowflakes, social misfits, educated idiots, and anti-American cowards.
This professor should have been immediately terminated with a complete loss of tenure and all of his teaching credentials rejected.
Our schools from kindergarten through our universities and colleges are no longer places of education, far from it. There nothing more than indoctrination camps where the over the hill hippies from the 60s and anarchists are turning out little carbon copies of the worthless scum a tour this country apart practically in the 60s. Why should an individual who is a confessed terrorist is organization blew up buildings, recruiting stations, post offices and are responsible for at least one murder? Is this individual punished? No, he becomes a university professor still promoting is anarchistic philosophies and preaching murder of authority, police and the US government.

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(Updated: April 18, 2017)

The one that needs to suffer the consequences of his tweets is the idiot and criminal professor. Just imagine the kind of trash this idiot is teaching young minds. God help us from the enemy within... amen

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