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Wednesday, 05 April 2017 07:00

New 'American Assassin' Film Poster Gets Something Very Very Wrong

Written by  M.J. Randolph

An upcoming movie that has a lot of buzz just released a poster... one that is earning the mockery of many gun enthusiasts. The movie, American Assassin, is based on a series of New York Times bestselling books by a conservative favorite among thriller writers, the late Vince Flynn.

Since Flynn wrote fifteen bestselling novels, this first movie could turn into a very lucrative project. Screen Crush describes the plot:

Dylan O’Brien is a black ops assassin ready to handle the CIA’s most sensitive crimes. O’Brien stars as Mitch Rapp, a counterterrorism operative who has to stop a maniac from starting a third world war in American Assassin. The film is based on the first of a 15-book-long series by Vince Flynn, and if this one does well in theaters, we can expect a whole lot more, as this is the first in a planned franchise.

But O’Brien is not the only star: Michael Keaton plays Rapp’s Cold War veteran mentor, and Taylor Kitsch is the warmongering terrorist Rapp has to stop. Every single one of the books in the American Assassin series has been a New York Times bestseller, so we can expect a lot of buzz for the movie to start heating up once it’s done filming.

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(Updated: April 05, 2017)

Not the way I was taught to aim a weapon. How is he suppose to see through the rear sights, with them resting against his forehead. "He'll poke his eye out, he'll poke his eye out". Ya, Ralphy (at 9) on Christmas Story knew how to properly aim a weapon, a lot better than this dude-wanna-be.

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Larry Kruzan Written by Larry Kruzan
April 05, 2017
I thought there was more than just another Hollywood faker blowing gun handling skills.

Third time very recently that I've followed a Blabber/buzz headline only to discover that the headline had little in common with the story. I hope this trend does not continue.


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