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Wednesday, 22 March 2017 04:30

'Quantico' Is Tackling Trump Instead of Terrorism — Will Viewers Respond?

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Quantico debuted its latest series reboot Monday night, effectively swapping in Trump for terrorism and kicking off the plot for the remaining nine episodes in the ABC drama's second season.

Since Trump's election, Quantico, like many shows currently airing on broadcast and cable, has shifted its lens away from fantasy in a bid to reflect more of today's real-life political climate and cultural landscape.

The series, which has been unfolding in dual timelines all season long, is now merged into one single story in order to follow a ripped-from-the-headlines procedural approach.

"We're in sort of a paradigm shift for the show," showrunner Josh Safran tells The Hollywood Reporter of Monday's episode setting up the format for the remaining weeks. "We're now looking at the ways in which people profit off of terror and it allows us to build a plot around something that is real and possible."

Returning from a three-week hiatus, and following the show's Jan. 23 soft move from Sunday to Monday night, Quantico now has Alex Parrish (Priyanka Chopra) and her fellow CIA and FBI agents assembled into a covert task force hunting to uncover the collaborators behind U.S. terror attacks. As explained by Quantico's female president (played by Marcia Cross) the collaborators fall into one of eight "pillars," allowing Safran and his team to explore stories under the banners of money, law, logistics, government, technology, ideology, defense and the media.

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'Quantico' is not entertainment. It's an hour long lecture written by a self-absorbed, the not too bright, progressive Joshua Safran. Instead of entertainment we are afflicted with an hour of vacuous moral preening on the alleged virtues of leftist politics and leftist social policy. I watched one of the first episodes in its first year. I turned it off after watching a scene wherein a female FBI recruit (I believe the character she portrayed was middle eastern ethnicity) turned to a male recruit (white, Midwestern or perhaps the 'deep south') who allegedly offended the female recruits' sensibilities (his comment was either sexist, racist or islamophobic) and she had to give the male recruit a lecture. The writer's real purpose is to lecture the audience on - sexism, racism, Islamophobia.

The Communist propagandist (masquerading as writer and playwright) Maxim Gorky wrote in the same turgid, uninspired and insipid manner as Safran (i.e., mankind is good when it agrees with the progressive point of view; mankind is evil, not in error, it's evil, when it fails to embrace progressive ideology) and held very similar views on humanity and the glory and necessity of the state to control man.

The sneering arrogance of Mr. Safran’s' moral certitude is only eclipsed by his ignorance of the values that constitute moral behavior and a moral life.

When this wretched show is cancelled perhaps Mr. Safran can find a job equal to his talents. There are some wonderful restaurants in Los Angeles and they are looking for valets.

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