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Friday, 17 March 2017 18:15

'Beauty and the Beast' Review: Much Ado About a Tale That's Still as Old as Time

Written by  Entertainment Tonight

Beauty and the Beast's tale -- the one being told in the 2017 version -- might not be as old as time, but it is absolutely as old as 1991. Because it is the same movie.

Which may seem, like, "Yeah, duh, it's a remake." But this is, at times, shot-for-shot the exact same movie, just with human people now.

This is not a reimagining, as The Jungle Book and Alice in Wonderland aimed to be, or told from a different POV, like with Angelina Jolie's Maleficent. But if that makes it sound like I didn't like the movie, I did! I really did! Because I love the animated Beauty and the Beast. It's just something I've noticed with these live-action remakes (reenactments?). It's fun nostalgia to see beloved scenes played out in the flesh, but the bits between end up being a bit snoozy if there are no changes made to what we already know.

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As directed by Bill Condon (Chicago, Dreamgirls and Disney's live-action The Little Mermaid, if Lindsay Lohan gets enough RTs, I guess?), much unnecessary fuss has already been made over this supposedly more progressive B&B.

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i loved it. they were some changes, all for the better. not that there was anything wrong with the animated version, but the changes in the live action version made it even better. "much unnecessary fuss has already been made over this supposedly more progressive B&B." definitely unnecessary fuss. not at any point did i get the feeling that Lefou was "in love" with Gaston. i got that he was the not quite as "manly" or handsome sidekick that had a "man crush" on Gaston......just like in the animated version. the only time that i got the feeling that Lefou MIGHT be gay was at the very end when he danced with a male villager in a dress for like 15 seconds and it looked as if it briefly crossed his mind that he was gay.

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Shot by Shot Remake? I don't think you and I watched the same two movies, and I've seen the original at least 100 times. There were a 1/2 dozen new songs, deeper characterization for every character the old songs had new flair and in some cases new lines several plot points were completely different as was about 1/2 the dialogue. They took a classic and turned it into a Masterpiece, I enjoyed every second. Every change enriched the movie by giving it additional layers and meaning. I don't know which movie you need to rewatch, maybe both.

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