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Wednesday, 08 February 2017 22:20

Bill to Shut U.S. Education Department Introduced in Congress

Written by  Alex Newman

Legislation to shut down the controversial and unconstitutional U.S. Department of Education was introduced in Congress this week by Representative Thomas Massie (R-Ky.), a leading constitutional conservative. The bill, H.R. 899, would help President Donald Trump follow through on his campaign statements suggesting a desire to abolish the department as well as the Obama-backed “Common Core” school standards.

The legislation was introduced on the same day U.S. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos was confirmed by the Senate.

If and when the bill is passed into law, the one-sentence measure would give the powerful U.S. Education Department until the end of 2018 to wind down its operations. What would happen then with the dizzying array of unconstitutional federal “education” programs, statutes, and decrees was not immediately clear. But sources on Capitol Hill said the focus was on getting the ball rolling, with the details to be nailed down later.

The bill is literally only one sentence long, at least for now. “The Department of Education shall terminate on December 31, 2018,” reads the text of the legislation. The bill was introduced with a good number of co-sponsors, all of them among the more liberty-minded wing of the Republican Party who take their oath to the U.S.

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deepakmant off edjukashun, dummin doun amireecas chillindrin sinse 1913

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hope passes fst . end obamas ed dept.

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Betsy, what the hell is going on here?

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Once again the knuckle dragging slack jawed minions of the distinguished graduate of the Ringling Brothers Schools of Clowns, the whore who fell into Czar Vladimir's honey trap have made another incredibly insane move. This would be hysterical were it not so tragic!

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The new Secretary of Education is aptly suited to bring about the termination of the DOE. December 31, 2018 should give her enough time to complete the job. Having accomplished that, she should be appointed to close out the Department of Commerce.

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(Updated: February 09, 2017)

Yep. Draim the DOE. This consists of groups of, money grabbing, leftists who brainwash our children with their leftist's agenda which they call education, but is not.... Thank you Rep. Massies for introducing the bill that would aboliish the federal DOE.. Education needs to go to the states so they can finance it and maybe get rid of all the money gabbers and unions who do nothing. This is the worst program relating to the education of the children of this country. And get rid of Common Core, an instrument of brainwashing... amen

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return to the old standard that made america great:
initially the responsibility of education, was the individual communities. without interference, from state or federal government. most all education was done, by the religious communities of each community.
the very first text book, approved of by congress and the administration was called the bible. which was the standard text book, until the late 1890's. and was slowly replaced until, the late 1940's.

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The American education system, the most expensive in the world, is so poor that American companies have to import foreign talent. Companies can't find educated, talented, and skilled workers coming out of our education system.

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There is no mention in the Constitution of education being a responsibility of the federal government, so the question to be asked is why was this department ever created?

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