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Wednesday, 11 January 2017 22:56

The Nuclear Option: At Sessions’ Hearing, Dems Live Up to the Party’s Tradition of Racism

Written by  Charles Hurt

Like tired old racists clinging to their discredited past and divisive politics, Democrats wheezed exhaustively on their racial dog whistles Tuesday in their increasingly futile bid to derail Sen. Jeff Sessions’ nomination to become the next attorney general.

The disgraceful charade proved nothing except that Democrats have learned absolutely zilch since suffering a devastating rejection by voters in November’s election, in which they shamelessly and relentlessly tried segregating the country along the lines of race, religion, and sex.

It was their Lost Cause. “Forget, hell!”

The colors of their rainbow flag do not run. They keep each color segregated. Each colored line is one “separate but equal” voting bloc within the Democratic Party. Each pure and undiluted color its own special interest group.

Banking heavily on innuendo and hearsay, Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee tried smearing the Alabama Republican as some kind of racist. The accusations themselves are so preposterous that they are not even worth repeating in order to debunk.

“During the course of this boisterous political campaign, did you ever chant, ‘Lock her up’?” one senator demanded, in reference to failed Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

Sen. Patrick J. Leahy, Vermont Democrat, kept asking Mr.

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