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Wednesday, 11 January 2017 18:42

De Niro to Meryl Streep: You Said It, Sister!

Written by  Paul Bois

Actor Robert De Niro thinks that Meryl Streep insulting half of America during her honorary Golden Globe acceptance speech for not agreeing with her political opinions was "great."

In an open letter to the iconic actress, De Niro gave her a wet kiss, saying she shared a "powerful" message in the aura of "elegance and intelligence.

" The former Raging Bull star also said that he too despises "punks and bullies," even though Meryl Streep was bullying conservative Americans like a spoiled punk.

It's not like Meryl Streep engaged in open dialogue with a Trump supporter. Instead, she hogged a microphone for several minutes on national television to bash people all around the country with no ability to defend themselves or issue a retort. It was neither elegant nor brave nor beautiful. Letter below:

Meryl –

What you said was great. It needed to be said, and you said it beautifully. I have so much respect for you that you did it while the world was celebrating your achievements. I share your sentiments about punks and bullies. Enough is enough. You, with your elegance and intelligence, have a powerful voice – one that inspires others to speak up as they should so their voices will be heard too.

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