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Wednesday, 11 January 2017 15:55

Andrew Garfield on Colbert: ‘Silence’ Role Sparked ‘Relationship with Jesus’

Written by  Katie Yoder

This doesn’t happen every day in Hollywood: an upcoming film is bringing its actors closer to God.

On Tuesday, actor Andrew Garfield (Amazing Spider-Man, Hacksaw Ridge) appeared on The Late Show to discuss his role in the upcoming Martin Scorsese film Silence.

Garfield plays a Jesuit missionary who travels to 17th century Japan at a time of Christian persecution. While Garfield himself wasn’t raised in a particular faith, he trained for a year with Fr. James Martin, a Jesuit, for his new role – a role which drew him closer to God.

“Is it like becoming a Kung Fu monk, but with praying?” host Stephen Colbert joked. “What do you do to get ready for it?”

But Garfield took the question seriously.

“Not only do we study the theology and the history of the Society of Jesus [the actual name of the Jesuits Catholic order], but there's these – these processes called the spiritual exercises that St. Ignatius created when he founded the order,” he began.

He stressed the importance of the exercises, citing them as the “basis for all 12-step programs around the world,” including AA. “It's this transformational process where you do the imaginative, meditative prayers with the life of Jesus, where you place yourself in each [New Testament] scene, much like being an actor,” he added.

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