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Tuesday, 10 January 2017 23:38

CNN Laments Being Unable to Hear a Good Speech ‘Like This’ from Trump

Written by  Nicholas Fondacaro

Almost minutes after President Barack Obama concluded his farewell address Tuesday night, CNN jumped into whining about not being able to hear such deep speech from President-elect Donald Trump. “Also as we think about the next president about to take office, I mean, their speaking styles could not possibly be any more different,” noted moderator, Anderson Cooper, as unseen members of his panel laughed.

We’re not going to be hearing a speech LIKE THIS from a sitting president for the next four or eight years,” he continued to bemoan, as CNN’s chief political correspondent Dana Bash chimed in to glorify Obama’s speech delivering acumen:

And let's be honest, one of the reasons—one of the main reasons—the many reasons Barack Obama did burst on the scene is because of the way he gives a speech. I mean, he's an orator, that's who he is. And that’s why he can hit it out of the park like this. And you're absolutely right, Anderson. I mean, it's going to be a while. Who knows how long before we can hear a speech like this.

According to panelist John Avlon of The Daily Beast, there was a lot to be impressed about in Obama’s speech.

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He does give a good speech. I just can't help thinking of the comical adage, "If you can't dazzle them with your brilliance, then baffle them with your bullsh!t".

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One of the FEW things CNN ever got right is that Barack Obama gave a beautiful speech. It's like an average, musically uneducated person listening to Pavarotti sing a beautiful Aria. It sounds beautiful but but he has no idea what it means. And also like that Aria it is almost always a fairy tale, not a word of truth in it. Barack Obama has only one challenger when it comes to lying and that is Hillary Clinton. Barack Obama was elected for making beautiful speeches. There was absolutely NOTHING in his background to indicate that he was a leader or had accomplished anything or any consequence in his life except make beautiful speeches. I don't care if Donald Trump NEVER makes a beautiful speech. He gets things done and he has the good of this country at heart, neither of which Barack Obama can do.

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Apparently CNN does not pay attention to their ratings. This kind of reporting is the reason why it is so poor. They did get one thing right, he is great giving speeches whether they be true or false.

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CNN (Clinton News Network) laments hearing ANYTHING from the Conservative side. Why anyone would read anything posted or written by CNN is a complete mystery to me.

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