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Friday, 21 April 2017 13:38

Hilarious: Brian Williams Pretends to Be Concerned About the Future of Conservatism

Written by  Curtis Houck

Yes, Brian Williams is supposedly and genuinely fearful about the future of American conservatism. On Thursday’s The 11th Hour, the disgraced anchor fretted to George Will on liberal MSNBC of all places about conservatism and that “[f]or many years, you were the Republican on mainstream media, before the days where every American woke up to a cable network custom designed to agree with them.

Later in the show, failed McCain campaign official Nicolle Wallace chided the Trump administrations “dangerous” “ongoing war against the judiciary” despite the fact that the Obama administration remained bitter to the very end about some decisions and most chiefly the Citizens United case.

Going back to the first case of lunacy, Williams informed Will that he had “an elemental question because I don't get the chance to talk to you often” and highlighted his influential and well-earned career as “the Republican on mainstream media.”

Williams complained that this label was unfortunately only applicable in the days “before...every American woke up to a cable network custom designed to agree with them.”

“I think my dad, may he rest in peace, went to his grave believing you were the nation's Republican. What do you then make of the brands of conservatism, whether it's Buckley, Reagan, Kemp — where is that? What has happened to it,” Williams wondered.

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