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Wednesday, 19 April 2017 06:30

Maxine Waters v. Maxine Waters: 'I Have Not Called For Impeachment'

Written by  M.J. Randolph

Must be hard to be Maxine Waters, trying to keep her story straight. Remember this?

The President is a liar, his actions are contemptible, & I'm going to fight everyday until he's impeached.

— Maxine Waters (@MaxineWaters) April 18, 2017

Apparently, she doesn't. Recently, she was on MSNBC being interviewed about the Russian hacking scandal, when she expressed that the United States government should be looking to any ties between Donald Trump and Russia.

"Should we wait to call for impeachment until we have the answers to those questions?" the MSNBC host asked.

"I have not called for impeachment," she said, indignantly.

"You said, 'I am going to fight every day until he's impeached,' that's what you tweeted," he responded.

Literally twenty seconds prior to this exchange, MSNBC had flashed her tweet on everyone's television. You might think that it's hard to deny that she called for impeachment when her very own tweet had just been displayed, right? Well, that's because you're no politician, my friend. Waters didn't miss one beat.

"Here's what I said," she retorted. "We need the information, we need to connect the dots. We need the facts in order to do the impeachment.

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Maxine: You are a liar and a hold-over from the 1960's Black Panther movement. (How long have you been wearing that James Brown wig)?

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Maybe there should be an impeachment but it should not be Trump.

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crazy, old, over the hill ho

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Senile bitch.

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