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Friday, 31 March 2017 23:07

California Public Schools to Require Kids to Learn “LGBT History”

Written by  C.E. Dyer

The state of California has decided to further turn their school system into little more than a social-justice-warrior, leftist indoctrination factory with new recommendations on subjects to include LGBTQ history and other politically correct topics.

Vice reported:

Ohio Gov. Gary Herbert has repealed the state’s “No Promo Homo Law,” which banned discussion of LGBTQ issues in public schools. While seven states still have laws similar to Utah’s, California has taken the opposite approach. Earlier this year, the state became the first to implement statewide recommendations on how to include the discussion of LGBTQ and disabled people in classroom lessons under the Fair Education Act.

New social science and history class frameworks will have second-graders learning about diverse families, eighth-graders discussing gender roles in the 19th century, and 11th-grade students studying the LGBTQ civil rights movement. The updated textbooks come out in November and will be accessible to schools in other states that want to implement the new progressive curriculum.

Aside from the fact that this politically-correct indoctrination is insane, it’s also particularly egregious that as our students are failing on numerous fronts, this is what the system is focusing on.

Kids can barely read and write but hey, let’s focus on social-justice indoctrination.

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Last modified on Saturday, 01 April 2017 09:00

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Californicate is not educating they are Brainwashing children to believe a set of lies which will doom many to hell. But Californicate 'legisllators snd all teachers who will aquiesess to this brainwashing w ok e to all who harm the hair on these little ones it would be better if they tied a rope around a millstone and cast it into the ocean with themselves attached to it, or never been born.

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