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Tuesday, 21 March 2017 00:30

Day One of the Neil Gorsuch hearings was not about Neil Gorsuch

Written by  Ilya Shapiro

Those who tuned into C-SPAN today for hot-and-heavy questioning of President Donald Trump's Supreme Court nominee were sorely disappointed. The first day isn't actually about the nominee, but just a chance for senators on the Judiciary Committee to make opening statements.

Accordingly, we learned very little about Judge Neil Gorsuch—he made an opening statement too, confirming everything we already knew about him as a humble jurist and western family man—and some about the Democrats' approach to this confirmation process.

Actually, there was nothing new there either. There was no magical coalescence around certain deadly needles found in the haystack of 2,700 Gorsuch opinions. Just the tired old issues we saw the day after the nomination announcement on January 31. First, this was a #StolenSeat, so no Republican nominee will be confirmed until Merrick Garland is returned from exile. This issue was of course litigated at the election, and the voters decided that they'd rather have Trump filling the Scalia vacancy. So it's unclear who this argument is for, other than the arch-blue base.

Second, a handful of carefully cherry-picked cases show results that don't make Gorsuch look sympathetic to the "little guy." The leading contenders for this strategy are the "frozen trucker" case, the "cancer survivor" case, and the "taser-to-the-head" case.

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Gorsuch himself has said some decisions made him sad, BUT he had to follow the law.
He said that "no man is above the law" and he keeps his personal feeling separate when he wears
the black robe.
The Dems are still mad that Obama's choice was not selected. Despite the statement that the next President should select. Sounded right to me (and since Hillary was expected to win) and it sounded fair as well. I am just wondering how often the NUKE can be used - anyone know?

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