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Sunday, 12 March 2017 09:05

In Open Letter, Mark Levin Slams AP Reporter Claiming He's a Fringy Misinformer

Written by  Tim Graham

Conservative talk-radio host and author Mark Levin wrote an open letter Saturday to Associated Press reporter Jonathan Lemire, who wrote a slanted article about President Trump's media diet that smeared Levin in with birtherism and InfoWars on the "edges" of the conservative movement:

What he was seeing on Twitter and conservative websites like the Drudge Report and the conspiracy-laden Infowars helped forge his political persona — and his public misinformation campaign questioning whether Obama was born in the United States....

That wasn't the only time last week when Trump put the White House stamp on a theory that originated on the edges of the conservative movement. Radio host Mark Levin voiced without evidence the idea that Obama had wiretapped Trump Tower. That accusation was picked up the next day by Breitbart News, the site formerly run by Trump's current chief strategist Steve Bannon.

As everyone who can read knows by now, Levin read from a front-page New York Times story from January 19 and other liberal-media content. Would Lemire smear InfoWars and birthers with The New York Times? See Andrew McCarthy at NRO for a quick summary of how the media-Democrat complex is flailing on the Trump-Russia collusion scandal they're trying to create.

Read more at NewsBusters

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Mark Levin is one guy to avoid in a pissing contest. He has more brain power than any three media types and others.

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