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Tuesday, 28 February 2017 16:58

Protest mob gets Rubio's staff kicked out of their Tampa offices

Written by  David Freddoso

People who follow politics a lot (and if you're reading this, that includes you) think of lawmakers mostly for the bills they write, the votes they cast, the speeches they give, and the campaigns they run.

Maybe you're even aware of their committee work.

But much of what goes on in the typical congressional office is correspondence with constituents (letter-writers complaining or asking for the lawmaker's position on such-and-such). And then there's the case work. Someone needs help with their disability or veterans benefits claim. Somebody wants a letter of recommendation for their application to one of the service academies, help with a federal permit or something of that nature.

In a big state like Florida, a senator needs offices in several of the major cities to do this sort of thing effectively. And Marco Rubio's office in Tampa, where he has two staffers who do work for constituents in several nearby counties, is being kicked out as of Friday because of the protesters who have been occupying the space outside every week since the 2016 election.

The owner of Bridgeport Center, a gleaming, nine-story office center at 5201 Kennedy Blvd., notified Rubio's office on Feb. 1 that it will not renew its lease.

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(Updated: March 01, 2017)

Follow the money. THese squatters have to have income for this. Camping outside the office, in space that is NOT federal, has to break some level of local statute. If a homeless person tries to invade office hallways, they are booted on some grounds.
There are fire regulations for blocking entrances or egresses.
If they want to legally protest, they cannot do this in private space.
It's like being outside on private property vs public domain.
They have to inside the congressional office space.
Comeon these politicians have to be smarter than me!

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The Democratic social warriors are destroying the ability of the government to function because they are unhappy with the results of the election and wish to express their grief.

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What an obnoxious bunch of idiots these protesters are. I'm so sick of them! Guess we're going to have to put up with this BS for the next four to eight years. I can hardly wait!

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David G. Thaler Written by David G. Thaler
February 28, 2017
Last updated:
February 28, 2017
It's time to start PROSECUTING these so-called "protestors" for illegally "occupying" other people's property and interfering with other people's rights. "rights" are NOT superior to the rights of other people. Their "right" to "protest" ENDS where it interferes with other people's RIGHTS to peaceably assemble and go about their normal business. SOLUTION: "LOCK 'EM UP!" haul them off and slap them babies in the slammer and see how quickly this crap stops!


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