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Friday, 13 October 2017 05:01

Trump gets realist on Iran

Written by  Washington Examiner

On Friday afternoon, President Trump will outline a new Iran policy.

We expect the president will say he cannot certify that the Iran nuclear agreement is in America's national security interest. Yet we also expect the president to do so carefully, explaining that his decision does not decertify the deal.

It looks like the first step in placing a more serious check on Iranian aggression in the Middle East.

Trump will be pilloried by the press, by Democrats wed to former President Barack Obama's Iran approach, and by overeager Iran hawks. But if Trump plays his hand as we expect, it will be a boon to world peace and to U.S. interests.

Flatly decertifying the Iran deal would be a mistake. Decertification would alienate America's European allies. Those allies will be very useful in applying pressure on Iran, and they are wedded to the deal. Germany and France, who have significant economic interests in Iran, would be particularly put off by decertification.

But by also refusing to certify the deal's harmony with U.S. interests, Trump sets the stage for improving the deal.

Trump can now push these U.S. allies towards a consensus on reforming the deal's inspections and nuclear and ballistic missile development protocols.

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