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Friday, 13 October 2017 00:01

Harvey Weinstein and the Hollywood/media industrial complex's war on women

Written by  Charlotte Hays

When Hillary Clinton finally bestirred herself to make a few remarks in response to published reports of the abuse of women by her old pal Harvey Weinstein, it was as if she had suddenly discovered gambling at Rick's Cafe — she was shocked, shocked!

A lot of Hollywood insiders and Democratic glitterati (but I repeat myself), who benefited from the movie mogul's political contributions and other forms of patronage are now having similar epiphanies. Meryl Steep's belated response to the revelations — she spoke out nearly a week later — seemed dedicated to establishing her own ignorance of Weinstein's transgressions more than anything else.

One Democratic pundit who appeared on Fox News this week deserves high marks in creativity for her ingenious attempt to distance Clinton from Weinstein, who raised millions of dollars for her presidential campaign and donated between $100,000 and $250,000 to the Clinton Foundation: Clinton could not possibly have known, the pundit opined, because Clinton and Weinstein live 3,000 miles apart. Except, of course, when Weinstein is her neighbor in the Hamptons or when he threw a glittery fundraiser for Clinton in his Manhattan apartment (co-hosted by Conde Nast honcho Anna Wintour, who, refreshingly, hasn't yet issued a statement of shock and ignorance, possibly because the hardnosed Wintour realizes just how little these protestations are believed by the public).

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